Jan 1, 2022
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Dmitry Nagiyev congratulated his illegitimate son for the first time


Actor and presenter Dmitry Nagiyev turned to his son all over the country.

The artist tries not to talk about his personal life. However, on the air of the finale of the anniversary show “The Voice”, the presenter unexpectedly turned to his illegitimate son.

54-year-old Dmitry Nagiyev succeeds in what his colleagues can only dream of: with incredible popularity, by some miracle he hides his personal life. Fans are still wondering if the TV presenter has a lover and illegitimate children. According to media reports, in addition to the eldest son Kirill, Dmitry has an heir Mark from Natalia Kovalenko and a daughter from Anna Spektor.

Until recently, Dmitry tried to refrain from commenting on illegitimate children. However, on the air of the final of “Voices” on Channel One, he unexpectedly congratulated his son Mark on his birthday.

Dmitry Nagiyev
Dmitry Nagiyev

I promised the boy Mark to congratulate him on his 13th birthday. 13 years old is no longer a boy. Dear Mark, we wish you a happy birthday. I believe that there is a big, beautiful and happy life ahead of you. And I also think that dad and mom love you very much. Be happy dear“, – shared Nagiyev.

The audience did not immediately understand which Mark was in question. Still, after all, Nagiyev did not call the boy his son. Only later did the fans realize that for the first time in many years they had heard revelations about his personal life from Dmitry’s lips.

Recall that Nagiyev was officially married only once. He was married to Alice Sher from 1986 to 2010. At the same time, there have always been legends about Dmitry’s love affairs. The artist has never denied that he is in demand from the opposite sex. According to journalists, it was the constant betrayal that caused Nagiyev to part with Cher.

One way or another, the former spouses have maintained normal relations. Together they raised their son Cyril, who is now making an acting career with might and main.

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