Sep 17, 2020
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Dmitry Nagiyev announced his own YouTube show

22:19, 09/16/2020

The first release of the project will be released on September 17th.

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Dmitry Nagiyev is considered one of the most beautiful and sexy men in the country, and is among the most popular presenters and actors. The showman has been conducting vocal projects "Voice" and "Voice.Children" for several years, and also actively appears in films and TV series. Dmitry began his career with participation in humorous television projects "Caution, modern! " and "Full modern!", in which he worked with Sergei Rost. Also in 1997, Nagiyev and Rost starred in the film by Alexander Nevzorov "Purgatory".

After Rost left the Modern team, Nagiyev continued to act in spin-offs.Seriously, Zadov!"And"Zadov and reality". In 2000-2008 Dmitry Nagiyev played in the detective television series "Kamenskaya". Later, he played the role of the owner of the restaurant "Claude Monet" in the sitcom "Kitchen". Also in 2014, he participated in the full-length version of the series - "Kitchen in Paris". In parallel, the actor starred in the TV series "Two fathers and two sons" and "Fizruk".

Dmitry Nagiyev in 2005

Today Dmitry announced the release of his own program on the YouTube channel. In his microblog on Instagram, he invited subscribers to watch the show, which will be released tomorrow. "Tomorrow. Do you feel it? No, this is not a bilious burst. This is a new show on YouTube. Mine - as the owners say. We tried, filmed, and you step over yourself, look, do not turn away. Through pain, tears, suffering and hernia. Why is it difficult for you? ”Nagiyev wrote (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes - Prim. line.).

Dmitry Nagiyev announced his own YouTube show

Interestingly, in parallel with the actor's activities, Dmitry Nagiyev is also involved in charity work. As you know, he is the chairman of the Anna Foundation, which provides assistance to children from disadvantaged families and orphans. By the way, his mother instilled nobility in the surrounding TV presenter. Lyudmila Zakharovnawho passed away in 2015. She raised her son so that first of all he thought about others, and only then about himself. According to Dmitry, at first he did not take the words of the parent seriously, but later he realized that she was right.

By the way, Dmitry Nagiyev rarely talks about his family. The fact that the actor has a younger brother became known only a few years ago. Evgeniy owns a chain of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg and car washes. The artist does not advertise his personal life either. Dmitry has a 31-year-old son, Kirill, who was born in Nagiyev's official marriage with an actress Alice Sher...

The couple lived together for 18 years and decided to divorce when Kirill was 12 years old. According to rumors, disagreements in family life appeared much earlier. Even before the official divorce from Dmitry Nagiyev, his wife wrote the book “I was the wife of Dmitry Nagiyev”, and then published a second work entitled “How to never get married. The harmful advice of the ex-wife of Dmitry Nagiyev. "

Dmitry Nagiyev and his son Kirill

After breaking up with Cher, the artist began to hide his relationship. According to rumors, Nagiyev lived in a civil marriage for seven years with Natalia Kovalenko, who worked as an administrator for him. Dmitry was also credited with an affair with a singer and actress. Irina Temicheva and even a secret wedding with a girl not from the acting environment. In June of this year, the actor admitted that for many years he has a beloved woman... According to Nagiyev, the mysterious chosen one is primarily his best friend.

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