Oct 12, 2020
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Dmitry Nagiyev admitted that he does not like to act in films and dreams of quitting his job

14:59, 12.10.2020

The artist treats his activities as a way to make money.

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Dmitry Nagiev - one of the most successful actors in the Russian film industry. He has participated in more than 100 projects. In recent years, he starred in the films "Fir Trees", "The Unforgiven", the TV series "Kitchen", "Fizruk", "Senya Fedya". Dmitry Nagiyev also hosted the programs "Voice", "Big Races", "Winner".

Despite a brilliant career, Dmitry Nagiyev admits that he does not like his job and uses it only as a way to earn money for himself. "Job - it's not mine at all, I, as if on the block, go to work. I just love to eat well, but I can't do anything else. I'm not doing well in films either, but I have to do it. Another question is that everything I do, I try to do honestly, ” - Dmitry Nagiyev spoke frankly.

Nagiyev also added that he often thinks about quitting all work, becoming freer and relaxing. However, Dmitry cannot afford it and sometimes envies those who have a business that they can leave and enjoy life. The artist also said that he does not plan to leave Russia forever.

Dmitry Nagiev on the set of the show "The Voice"

Although Dmitry Nagiyev says that he does not like to act in films, he continues to do this regularly and even masters new venues. For example, a few weeks ago, the artist launched his show on YouTube called "Everywhere Nagiyev". In the new project, Dmitry interviews the characters, reincarnating in them. The artist simultaneously plays the role of a journalist and a person with whom he will have to talk.

“Dmitry Nagiyev is often offered to recruit courses at any theater university in the world. But he refuses, he believes that he himself has not played enough. Therefore, Dmitry, on the channel "Vezde Nagiyev", decided to invite people of unusual professions and simply unusual, extraordinary people to get to know them and conduct his acting research. The first guest of Nagiyev was the world's only bear trainer who lives with them in the same den, " - the creators commented on the first release of the show.

Dmitry Nagiyev on the set of the show "Everywhere Nagiyev"

It is worth noting that viewers and journalists appreciate not only Dmitry Nagiyev's acting talent, but also his appearance and charisma. The artist has repeatedly held leading positions in the lists of the sexiest Russian stars. Nagiyev agrees with the opinion of the fans and the authors of the ratings. Dmitry noted that he considers such votes to be the most honest, and also added that he does nothing for his sexuality. “I bathe in it ... I love flattery, I made my own career out of flattery. In general, this is how I decided for myself: if you want to achieve something, at least something should be done regularly. That's all. There is less and at least something to do ”, - quotes the words of Dmitry Nagiyev edition "Interlocutor".

It is known that Dmitry Nagiyev combines acting with charity. He is the chairman of the Anna Foundation, which helps children from disadvantaged families and orphans.

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