Aug 18, 2022
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Dmitry Nagiev very succinctly commented on the departure from the show “Voice”


Actor and TV presenter Dmitry Nagiyev spoke about his departure.

The fifth season of the Voice 60+ show will start soon. And the main intrigue and reason to turn on the TV and tune it to the First Channel will not even be the participants – although the “players” in this age category are considered by many to be the most interesting, but the presenters.

Who would have thought that a woman, Larisa Guzeeva, would take the place of the super-popular and sought-after Dmitry Nagiyev. Intrigue! At first, it was announced that Nagiyev would be replaced only in the Voice 60+ show, but the TV presenter himself commented that this was not the case.

Dmitry Nagiyev said that he would not host the music shows “Voice” and “Voice 60+” on Channel One for at least one season. “I will not be the host either in this version (“Voice. 60+”) or in another. This season at least”, The showman said in a conversation with RBC. He did not disclose other details.

Dmitry Nagiev
Dmitry Nagiev

In addition, the names of mentors in the new season of the Voice.60+ program became known. They were singer Elena Vaenga, musician Valery Syutkin, artist Alexander Malinin and composer Igor Kornelyuk.

Many are ironic and doubt whether Guzeeva will also be able to sparkle the Voice show like Nagiyev. Like, humor is not enough, subtleties. But on the other hand, it was precisely with her humor, quick and rather sharp, and tough reaction, sharp skirmishes with the participants that Guzeeva was remembered in the show “Let’s Get Married!”

And the popular comedian Garik Kharlamov was so inspired by her opuses that he regularly parodied Guzeev on his blog, and even joked that he only sleeps and eats under “Let’s get married!”. So there is no doubt about the popular interest in the project with such a presenter, who has long been nicknamed “man-meme”.

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