Dec 30, 2020
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Dmitry Malikov’s son calls dad inadequate

The son of Dmitry Malikov calls dad inadequate

Singer Dmitry Malikov spoke about his son Mark.

Malikov said that self-isolation due to the coronavirus helped him spend more time with his son. “This, of course, is a great happiness, because 2, 3, 4 years old is a priceless time. Children are funny. Today he says to me: “Dad, why are you so inadequate?” Not three years old yet! I say: “Yes, it seems adequate.” He says: “No, you haven’t brought me the car yet. You are crazy“, – Dmitry shared.

Having become a father for the second time, the artist began to adhere to the rules of healthy eating more strictly, went in for sports. “Now I try to eat right, so to speak, so everything that my son eats, I eat too. And he eats diet foods: soup with meatballs, for example. Well, the truth is, he eats pasta in the evening, and pasta is not the healthiest food. But I love them too, of course. I walk a lot, go in for sports, go to some meetings. Basically, little has changed, just fewer concerts. I’m chatting with friends. I love art, I love painting, I am constantly visiting virtual museums. By the way, I started to play chess often“, – said Dmitry.

Dmitry Malikov with his son -
Dmitry Malikov with his son –

Dmitry and Elena have been happily married for many years. As the star recalls, he first saw his future wife in a photograph and decided to get acquainted.

I have been an exemplary family man for 28 years. According to the photo in the album of his friends, he fell in love with a girl. I say: “Can I get to know her?” They arranged a meeting for me. It wasn’t easy. And she came to the meeting, I had a shooting at Luzhniki on March 21st. It was a dashing time then, and there were few reasons. But there was such a funny occasion – a concert dedicated to the arrival of Sylvester Stallone’s mother. That is, Sylvester himself did not bother to come, and his mother came. And in honor of her we sang and danced there in the Luzhniki Stadium, there was also some kind of banquet. Today, of course, it sounds ridiculous. But nevertheless, this concert allowed me to meet my future wife“- said Malikov in the YouTube show” Personal Connections “by Yuri Kostin.

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