Dec 30, 2020
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Dmitry Malikov responded to rumors about leaving the stage

Singer and composer Dmitry Malikov responded to messages about the end of his musical career. The performer is not going to leave the stage yet.

The information that he allegedly plans to end his career, Malikov commented on his Instagram page. The singer urged not to believe the Internet.

“I’m not going to leave the stage! <...> They will not wait, ”the performer wrote.

The musician’s fans were very happy to hear this news. The fans did not want to let their favorite artist leave the stage at all.

“Even if you leave the stage, we will find you and return you!”;

“Don’t leave, Dmitry! We love you”;

“This is the best news for today,” commentators wrote.

The news that Malikov allegedly ends his musical career appeared after the artist’s interview for the YouTube show “Personal Connections”. In a conversation with the host, the singer called pop music the lot of young people and noted that it was time to give way to new performers.

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