Aug 15, 2022
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Dmitry Malikov moved to a new country cottage amid divorce rumors


Musician Dmitry Malikov explained why he changed his place of residence.

Dmitry Malikov some time ago incredibly alarmed fans. In early August, the singer took his little son Mark, who was born by a surrogate mother, and left home. The artist went with the baby to the resort without his wife Elena Isakson, with whom he lived together for more than 30 years.

The public then began to bombard the idol with messages, worrying that he allegedly divorced his wife. The other day, the performer of the hit “My Distant Star” spoke about life in a new house.

Dmitry Malikov
Dmitry Malikov

Dmitry Malikov at the Monte Carlo radio regatta in the Moscow region revealed the reason for moving to a new home. The singer explained that for 30 years of living together with his wife Elena Isakson, he had deduced a simple formula for family happiness. As the artist says, he is the main one in the family, and relations with his wife are based on one simple phrase “whatever you say, dear!“.

According to him, there was never any talk of divorce, and moving to a new house is due to the fact that Malikov and his relatives have lived in the old cottage for 30 years. The family decided to move into spacious apartments.

We decided to change the situation. It was my wife’s wish, I agreed. I generally adhere to the position of doing everything the way she wants … I do not interfere“, – said the musician.

Malikov also spoke about leaving the show “Fiction” on Channel One. He called all the rumors “nonsense”. “I didn’t leave the show. Missed one episode. They write complete rubbish“, – quotes the People’s Artist of Russia TASS.

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