Dec 29, 2020
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Dmitry Malikov denied information that he was leaving the stage

12:26, ​​29.12.

The artist in his microblog on Instagram asked not to believe the rumors.

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Dmitry Malikov began to study music at the age of five. The classes were not easy, because the future artist wanted to play the ball with friends instead of them, but his parents and grandmother strictly followed his studies. Dmitry grew up in a creative environment: he was often taken on tour, and very interesting people visited their house. Malikov’s first performance took place at a music school, and already at the age of 14, together with his father, he went on tour of VIA “Samotsvety” – as a keyboardist of the famous band. It was from that moment that Dmitry began to compose his own songs, which later entered the repertoire of many popular artists.

Malikov’s debut on television took place in 1986 in the program “Wider circle“, Where he performed the song” I am painting a picture “on the verses of Lilia Vinogradova. Later Dmitry appeared in the popular Soviet program Morning Mail. Success came to the artist in 1988, when at one of the concerts Malikov performed two of his compositions – “Moonlight Dream” and “You Will Never Be Mine”, which immediately hit all the charts of the country. From that moment on, the performer’s pop career began. In 1988, Dmitry became the “Discovery of the Year”, and then won the “Singer of the Year” nomination. In 1990, the artist gave his first recitals at the Olimpiyskiy.

Despite the immense popularity of Malikov in our days, a number of media outlets have disseminated information that Dmitry allegedly decided to leave the stage. However, the artist himself denies such rumors. “I’m not going to leave the stage! Do not believe the Internet) will not wait, “Malikov wrote today in his microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given unchanged. –

Dmitry Malikov on stage

It is worth noting that Malikov is not only a successful artist, but also an exemplary family man. Dmitry and Helen together for 28 years. Their relationship began in 1992 and developed rapidly. The musician adopted the child of his beloved from his first marriage – daughter Olga… She is now 35 years old. In February 2000, the couple had a common child – Stephanie. It was after her birth that Dmitry and Elena officially became husband and wife. And at the end of January 2018, the couple had a son mark… A surrogate mother gave birth to a boy within the walls of an elite St. Petersburg clinic. At that time, Dmitry Malikov was 47 years old, and his wife Elena was 55. The spouses did not tell anyone that their family was planned to be replenished, not even their parents and daughter Stephanie.

Dmitry Malikov with his son Mark

However, Dmitry and Elena in vain were afraid of Stephanie’s negative reaction. Seeing Mark, his sister fell in love with him. Malikov does not like a soul in a little brother. She enjoys spending time with him and even takes him with her to social events. Stesha also participates in the upbringing of Mark, because all family members take care of him, since the singer does not want to hire a nanny for his son. According to Malikova, she wants her brother to become a real man, so she raises him in severity.

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