Feb 23, 2021
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Dmitry Malikov boasted of a star that children gave him

14:17, 23.02.2021

Stephanie and Mark congratulated their father on February 23rd.

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Dmitry Malikov, 51, received a gift from children this morning. The singer boasted that on Defender of the Fatherland Day, 21-year-old Stephanie and 3-year-old mark made a star for him with their own hands. The artist boasted of a surprise on his microblog on Instagram.

“Children congratulated on the holiday! They gave the star of the hero! ” – wrote Dmitry (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Prim. row.). Stefania, in turn, posted a photo with her father and addressed all the men with congratulations. “Happy holiday, dear men! we appreciate and love you very much, ”Malikova wrote.

Stephanie and Dmitry Malikov

By the way, Dmitry Malikov, like many Russian artists, did not serve in the army. During the years of the prize, he studied at the Moscow State Conservatory, from which he graduated at the age of 24. After graduation, the military registration and enlistment office did not look for him for three years, so in the end the artist never got into the service.

Malikov studied music since childhood. He graduated from music school, and at the age of 14 he recorded his first song. The artist’s TV debut took place in 1986 in the “Wider Circle” program, in which he performed his song to the verses of Lilia Vinogradova “I am painting a picture.” A year later, Dmitry performed in the program “Morning Mail” by Yuri Nikolaev.

Dmitry Malikov is married to Elena Isakson… In this marriage, their daughter Stephanie was born in 2000. The girl is now studying at the budgetary department of the Faculty of Journalism at MGIMO and is developing her brand, which produces dresses. Dmitry stated that he does not support his daughter financially: she earns herself, including advertising on the Instagram microblog.

Dmitry Malikov with his wife Elena and children

In 2019, Dmitry became the father of his son Mark. Moreover, the birth of the boy was a surprise not only for the fans of the artist, but also for his daughter. Parents hid from Stephanie to the last that she would soon become an older sister. In the studio of Andrey Malakhov’s show “Hello Andrey!” Malikova admitted that she found out about the birth of her younger brother only five days before the event. “My dad told me that soon another child will appear in the house. I was, of course, very surprised. Mom was afraid to tell me, she was afraid of my reaction. However, I was very happy. And then, when she saw the boy, she burst into tears. I have never seen such a small child before. Then it seemed to me that this is such a real miracle of God, it is simply amazing! ” – she said.

Mark and Stefania Malikov

We add that Mark Malikov was born within the walls of an elite St. Petersburg clinic. A surrogate mother gave birth to a child to star spouses. At that time Malikov was 47 years old, and his wife Elena was 55. Dmitry first showed his son’s face when the boy was five months old. The singer did it in an original way: he gave Mark a role in his video for the song “The Last Romantic”. At the very beginning, a journalist conducting an interview with a star asks the popular question: “When will you show your son?”, And the singer literally avoids answering. However, already in the finale, he takes his five-month-old son in his arms and shows his face in close-up before hugging.

Dmitry Malikov’s clip “The Last Romantic”

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