Jan 1, 2022
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Dmitry Malikov appeared before fans with a swollen face


Singer Dmitry Malikov shared an unexpected photo.

Oh, how often the artist sang praises that he does not age and even after 50 years looks like a prince from a fairy tale.

But age is age. On December 31, the artist posted on Instagram a joint photo with his stage colleague Valery Syutkin. And on him Dmitry does not look so fresh and youthful as usual.

In the morning at the airport, a little swollen, but funny and real, – Malikov signed the picture. Congratulations on your coming! And we wish you a carefree new year“.

Swollen Dmitry Malikov
Swollen Dmitry Malikov

Fans could not pass by the “swelling” of famous faces.

Well, let’s say, not a little “,” We need to take pictures before the first glass “,” Like from a snuffle “,” But they are so positive “,” Yeah, they are swollen enough “,” Natural, home-made – their own people! “,” Apparently , had a good walk “,” Which of you flies to St. Petersburg to Nadya and Ippolit?“- such comments were left by subscribers of Malikov.

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