Former Dynamo Moscow head coach Dmitry Khokhlov said in an interview with that he is positive about the resumption of the RPL.

“If there is even the slightest opportunity to finish the championship, you must do it, ”Khokhlov is sure. According to him, players need at least a month for optimal recovery after a pause. If you immediately release the players on the field, it will cause injury. They are quarantined for a long time, which is why they lose their shape. No simulators can replace a full-fledged preparatory process.

“Before the start of the next season, I would advise you to return to the spring-autumn system,” Khokhlov said.

“Not I see no sense in the current system. Everyone would benefit from a return to the previous version. With the current Russian football did not become stronger - our clubs did not perform better in European competitions. Instead of playing in the summer on good lawns in great weather, we pause for a long time and play matches in December cold weather. “Autumn-spring” prevents the competitiveness of the Russian championship, ”Khokhlov told PPS correspondents Anatoly Akulov and Petr Gusev.