Jul 1, 2020
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Dmitry Iskhakov in verse explained his state of mind after breaking up with Polina Gagarina

Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina has not yet filed for divorce, but do not live together. The photographer explained in verse form, his state of mind after parting with his beloved.

Dmitry Iskhakov in verse explained his state of mind after breaking up with Polina Gagarina

In Instagram Dmitry Iskhakov has published a rhyming text, the "Circles on water". The verse begins with the words: "Our house was tired and went to sleep". In symbolic form, the designer admitted that he likes to be alone. The verse ends with the phrase: "the Actor is not a bad bad role play is so-so." Fans advised the photographer to control myself and suggested that Polina Gagarina will be back soon for the kids. The fans like it was written by Isakov poems, and they called him a talented poet. After parting with the artist, the designer started Smoking again, although a few years ago, refused to bad habits. He admitted that he spends two or three cigarettes between sets during exercise. In addition, the categories showed in the social network a picture with her daughter MIA and stepson Andrew, who was raised like a native heir. Even after parting with the beloved he does not stop to chat with children whom he called his "life and love".

According to rumors, before registering relations Polina Gagarina signed a prenuptial agreement with Isakov. According to this document, the performer will get all her property in case of divorce. According to preliminary information, Polina Gagarina allows a husband to see his daughter. The singer has not yet commented on the changes in your personal life. Recently, the paparazzi saw her with her sound producer ChinKong.

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Verse 16. Circles on the water. Our house was tired and went to sleep, And I'm trying not to make noise, Go quietly to the balcony On the stars to gawk. I love to be alone, to Smoke and listen to the night, Your worries, like smoke, I breathe out. Dreams, hopes, fear and pain, the ripples, the Actor is not bad - a bad role, And the play is so-so... Д2И

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