Feb 15, 2021
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Dmitry Dibrov’s young wife showed a photo from the birthday of their 11-year-old son

23:19, 15.02.2021

The presenter and his wife gave the boy a holiday in the style of America of the 50s.

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Married 61 years old Dmitry Dibrov and 31-year-old Polina three sons were born – Ilya, Fedor and Alexander… The host’s family always celebrates all the holidays very amicably. So, on February 14, the couple together with their children celebrated the birthday of the couple’s youngest son. Alexander is 11 years old. Today, in her microblog on Instagram, Polina shared pictures from the celebration on the occasion of a special date.

“This Saturday we celebrated enchanting eleven-year-old Sasha,” wrote Dibrov’s wife (the spelling and punctuation of the author are here and below without changes. Prim. row.). As Polina said, this year the boy chose America of the 50s as the theme for his holiday. Most of the party took place in the pool, Dibrova said. Also, the showman’s wife thanked friends and acquaintances of the family for the kind words and wishes for the birthday boy.

Dmitry Dibrov’s young wife showed pictures from the birthday of their 11-year-old son

Recall that Polina became the fourth wife of Dmitry Dibrov. For the first time, the presenter married in 1983, but three years later, the marriage of Dmitry and his chosen one Elvira broke up. The union was not saved even by the couple’s common son, Denis. The star’s second relationship turned out to be more long-term. With his next lover, Dibrov has been married for seven years. In 1989, his wife gave Dmitry a daughter, Lada. In 2007, the showman officially formalized his relationship with a distant relative – the granddaughter of his stepfather, but just two years later, the couple decided to leave.

Dibrov married his current wife, Polina, in 2009. Dmitry met his beloved during the Beauty of the Body beauty contest, where he himself was a member of the jury, and Polina was a participant, and then the winner of the competition. The presenter began to look after his chosen one when the girl was 17 years old. At the time of the couple’s wedding, Polina was 19.

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina

Note that the big age difference does not at all prevent lovers from enjoying the family idyll. So, I am the end of December, the wife of Dibrov showed touching footage, where he decorates the New Year tree with her husband and sons. It is interesting that the decoration of the holiday tree is also a reason for celebration for Dibrovs. After the garland on the Christmas tree was solemnly turned on, members of the star family set the table and arranged a sumptuous dinner with a joint movie screening.

It should be added that last year was not easy for the Dibrov family. In February 2020, Dmitry was urgently hospitalized with stroke… The journalist lost consciousness during one of the events at the Oktyabr cinema. Nearby Leonid Yakubovich called an ambulance to a colleague, and also informed Dibrov’s wife about the incident. It is noteworthy that at first Dmitry denied that he was hospitalized due to a stroke. The showman also denied information that he had an epileptic seizure. However, later in the show “Secret for a Million” Dibrov toldhow he recovered from heart problems.

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Polina and sons

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