Nov 16, 2021
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Dmitry Dibrov receives fabulous money for the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”


Host Dmitry Dibrov spoke about his work.

The TV presenter is still one of the most recognizable stars of Russian TV, which is not surprising, because he has been working on the TV screen since a young age, collaborated with five channels and for many years now has hosted the rating show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Dibrov considers his program to be an intellectual program, where passion is skillfully combined with smart conversation.

We can see how cleverly the passion works, but at the same time you manage to get unique information about the player who is sitting at the table. The player involuntarily gives out all the ins and outs about himself. To do this, the leader needs to create a broth in which he completely dissolves and manifests itself. Sometimes I create Dostoevsky situations or Chekhovian ones. Sometimes Zoshchenko’s teasing slips into my phrases. 90 minutes pass like one minute. The secret of transmission is a harmonious combination of mind and money“, – the TV presenter brags about his work.

Dmitry Dibrov
Dmitry Dibrov

Dibrov does not hide the fact that from filming the show he receives not only creative satisfaction, but also a very tangible income. According to the star of Channel One, his salary is an impressive amount – about 50 thousand dollars a month (about three and a half million rubles). With this money, the TV presenter can afford to live in a mansion on Rublevka with his young wife and three sons, arrange luxurious birthday parties for his wife and take her to rest in elite resorts. Right now, Polina is strenuously getting herself in shape in order to go to the ocean on New Year’s, apparently to the Maldives, writes “EG”.

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