Apr 28, 2021
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Dmitry Dibrov: I’m not jealous of my young wife

The famous 61-year-old TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov spoke about his relationship with his young wife Polina.

Dmitry Dibrov: I'm not jealous of my young wife

He indirectly raised the topic of the difference in year between him and the woman. Dmitry noted that he perfectly understands that other men may pay attention to Polina, yeah, and the young lady herself may be interested in some young people. At the same time, Dibrov does not experience any jealousy and did not feel it earlier, so much as if he does not worry that a woman can retire to a younger gentleman.

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The presenter says that even if Polina communicates with some young people, there is nothing hellish about it, so much as if she will return to him equally. At the same time, Dmitry is confident in his abilities and inimitability.

Dibrov also added that his wife does not need to worry about this, so much as if he simply does not have time to “twist an affair.”

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