Jun 9, 2022
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Dizziness is one of the frequent complaints of patients who turn to a neurologist, homeopath and chiropractor. But what is the cause of this disease and how can it be dealt with?

Most patients who turn to doctors with complaints of dizziness experience the so-called non-systemic dizziness, which manifests itself in a fainting state, unsteady gait that accompanies other diseases, or occurs with psycho-emotional disorders or severe mental overwork. Systemic (or true) dizziness is caused by a lesion of the vestibular apparatus and is expressed in an illusory sensation of the movement of one’s own body or surrounding objects and space.

In the thickness of the temporal bone there is a labyrinth belonging to the inner ear, one of the cavities of which is filled with a liquid – endolymph. Any state, whether it be rest or movement, is perceived through endolymph vibrations by the receptors of the vestibular nerve, through which impulses go to the brain. Normally, both the left and right labyrinths provide the same information about the position of the body in space, but with various disorders, the vestibular information becomes asymmetric, resulting in a feeling of dizziness.

So, what disorders can lead to dizziness?

The most common causes may be the pathology of the labyrinth of the inner ear (inflammation, trauma, consequences of atherosclerosis, etc.) and vertebrobasilar insufficiency (impaired blood flow through the vertebral and main arteries supplying the brain). At the same time, vertebrobasilar insufficiency can be a consequence of atherosclerosis, and often pathology of the cervical spine (consequences of injuries, osteochondrosis, etc.). In the latter case, after a detailed neurological examination, very delicate effects on the muscles and joints of the cervical spine are always resorted to with special manual therapy techniques (muscle-energy and myofascial release), which are optimal for this type of disease. Since dizziness, like any other disease, is a consequence of exposure to toxic compounds on the body, it is first necessary to remove all these compounds.

The cleansing of the body is carried out in several stages, in each of which a certain organ or a certain organ system is cleansed. In connection with the frequent or constant manifestation of dizziness, special attention should be paid to methods and drugs that promote the removal of homotoxins and positively affect both the general condition of the body and the blood supply and nutrition of the vestibular system. Simultaneously with the cleansing, people prone to dizziness can be recommended to do vestibular exercises daily. (You can read more about cleansing the body). But in some cases, with dizziness caused by disorders in the cervical spine, exercises with neck movements should be avoided so as not to provoke a worsening of the condition.

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