Oct 19, 2021
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DIY creative hot stand

DIY creative hot stand

A great gift idea – a spectacular DIY hot plate.

This hot pad is made of cork mouse pad and pebble.

But it is quite appropriate to use coffee beans, unnecessary coins, even corn, etc. instead of pebbles.

So, to make such a hot stand you will need:

  1. cork mouse pad;
  2. smooth different pebbles;
  3. hot or epoxy glue.

Take the first stone you like, put a drop of glue on it and glue it to the center of the rug. Press firmly. It’s not scary if the glue comes out from under the pebble, it will be covered with the next pebbles.

Next, we select the stones so that they are tightly pressed against each other. This process will require perseverance from you, but the result will exceed all expectations.

We continue to glue our kaleidoscope, varying stones of different sizes. You can afford to glue a few pebbles on the edge, or suddenly wedge in a pebble of a different color. In general, play naughty on your health.

As you approach the edge of the mouse pad, try to predict which stones will be suitable for completing the stand. If the stones bulge out of the rug, then over time they can fall off, breaking the edge of the cork.

Wait until it dries completely and start making the next hot pad.

If you want to use coffee beans instead of pebbles, then the stand, upon contact with a hot kettle, will emit a pleasant aroma of everyone’s favorite drink. Turn on your imagination and do stylish things with your own hands.

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