May 3, 2021
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Divorced Priluchny spoke about the relationship with Muceniece

The famous Russian actor Pavel Priluchny told the truth about the relationship with ex-wife, artist Agata Muceniece and communication with the children after the divorce last summer.

Divorced Priluchny spoke about the relationship with Muceniece

After the disastrous divorce, they were able to find the strength and establish communication for the sake of the joint children Mia and Timofey. Pavel noted that they divorced the woman because of irreconcilable disagreements.

The actor added that he and Agatha tried to save everything for a very long time, and before they divorced, they had not lived together for a year, as if they did not want to swear all the time.

Priluchny said that they had been trying for a long time to preserve the family and relationships for the sake of their children, but at some point they realized that they could not live so remotely, so they decided to say goodbye. At the moment, the ex-spouses maintain a friendly relationship and the kids are happy about it.

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