Oct 13, 2020
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Distance education plans were long before the pandemic

History of the issue

The spread of a new type of coronavirus forces us to reconsider approaches to relations between citizens in various spheres of life. Education is no exception.

Under the pretext of ensuring the safety of students, ideas about the introduction of digital education without direct contact of people in the learning process are increasingly being heard.

At the same time, some experts argue that education cannot be reduced to simply obtaining information and a certain amount of knowledge. It is also a process of personality formation - despite the fact that a socially active and creative personality cannot be formed without live communication of students with each other and with teachers.

In Russia, the government has prepared a decree "On conducting an experiment in 2020-2022 to introduce a target model of a digital educational environment in the field of general education, secondary vocational education and corresponding additional vocational education, vocational training, additional education for children and adults." The experiment on the implementation of digital learning should take place in 14 regions of our country.

These plans of the authorities cause concern among the parental community, despite all the assurances of the authorities that, as part of the experiment, educational institutions will be re-equipped and distance learning formats and programs will be finalized.

The coronavirus has become just a convenient excuse for the introduction of distance education, which was planned long before the pandemic. On October 11, REGNUM journalist Anton Skoselev said this at the conference "Digital war on education."

“The introduction of distance education was planned long before the coronavirus. The pandemic has become just a convenient pretext, ”Skoselev said.

He noted that in 2018, a decree of Russian President Vladimir Putin was issued "On national goals and strategic objectives." It set out to create a “modern and secure digital educational environment”.

Then, within the framework of the Education national project, the Digital Educational Environment federal project was adopted, which implies the implementation of DSP in all regions by the end of 2024.

As a result, in the summer of 2020, a project appeared to conduct an experiment. One of its main tasks is “unification and automation of educational processes”.

According to the journalist, this, in fact, means the exclusion of the teacher from the educational process. He drew attention to the fact that digitalizers want to teach children like robots, connecting them to the program and assessing knowledge, usually in the form of a test.

He also added that, despite the controversy of the introduction of remote control, the lobbyists managed to promote their project to the highest level, since it was approved in the national project signed by the President of Russia.

Image: Quote from the film "Teens in the Universe". Dir. Richard Viktorov. 1974. USSR

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