Feb 16, 2021
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Disruption of F-35 production will be a blow to China on the United States – media

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Beijing may limit exports to the United States of rare earths

China is considering limiting the export of rare earths required for the production of F-35 multifunctional fighters, as well as other weapons in the United States defense sector. In Beijing, they spoke in favor of the adoption of a project that would control the production and export of 17 minerals.

The Chinese military-industrial complex said that they had received a request from the Cabinet of Ministers in order to find out information about how much the American and European military-industrial complexes could be affected by export restrictions.

According to the source, two large Western companies are using Chinese elements in the production of military equipment. One of them is Lockheed Martin – one F-35 fighter takes 417 kilograms of rare earth materials. What kind of resources are in question is not specified.

“This move by China follows deteriorating relations and a growing technological war with the United States. The Trump administration has tried to make it difficult for the PRC to import sensitive American technology. The Biden administration has indicated that it will also restrict some exports, but will work more closely with allies,” writes Financial Times.

Earlier, political expert Boris Mezhuev said that the newly minted administration of the White House had already decided on the choice of “America’s main enemies.”

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