Aug 1, 2022
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Discounts on our cars

Discounts on our cars

After a year-long pause, preferential car loan programs are returning to Russia.

Experts note that in some areas the proposal has become much more generous than before, in others – on the contrary. In addition, with a solid discount on a loan, you can now buy far from every car.


Recently, the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, announced the main provisions of the program. I started with good news: now residents of the country can buy cars worth up to 2 million rubles on credit at a discount. A year ago, the limit was 1.5 million rubles. At the same time, the state subsidy for a car has increased – the government guarantees that it will take up to 20% of its cost. Previously, this figure was only 10%.

Preferential car loans can be obtained by anyone. The “personal” discount for the Far Eastern Federal District at the level of 25% has also been retained.

However, there are also disadvantages. Previously, preferential loans extended to almost all cars assembled in Russia, including foreign cars. Now only domestic cars UAZ, Lada, GAZ, KamAZ, URAL, as well as all electric vehicles of the Evolute brand, which should go on sale in the near future, participate in the program. Experts believe that AvtoVAZ will win – all of its models fall under the new rules. The plant now produces a simplified Lada Granta, which costs from 678 thousand rubles, and Lada Niva Legend – however, without an anti-lock system and airbags. The most expensive car of this manufacturer – Lada Vesta Sport – will cost 1.67 million rubles, which also fits into the required limit.

The situation in UAZ is more complicated. The main model of this manufacturer is the Patriot SUV. It costs from 1.5 million rubles. But this is the easiest option. If the buyer wants special functions such as “automatic”, then the cost will go off scale for 2 million rubles and such a car will not be included in the preferential program. But UAZ figured out how to get out of the situation. The buyer can order an expensive model, leaving the necessary functions and refusing all the others. For example, from airbags. Thus, the price of “Patriot” can drop to the required limit.


Experts have already calculated what benefits the buyer of the car can get. “For example, we buy a Lada Granta for 800,000 rubles, which is the price of a moderately equipped car with air conditioning. Let the initial payment be 200 thousand rubles. If you use an ordinary car loan for a period of 5 years, the overpayment will be 257 thousand rubles, and the monthly payment will be 14.2 thousand rubles. The state discount of 20% reduces the body of the loan immediately by 160 thousand rubles, which reduces the overpayment to 188 thousand rubles, and the monthly payment to 10.5 thousand rubles. Full savings, it turns out, are only 69 thousand rubles, while formally a 20% discount is 160 thousand rubles. This is due to “banking interest”, which eats up part of the benefits,” writes the profile portal

Nevertheless, “the program is beneficial to all project participants: the state, banks and consumers. The latter get the opportunity to purchase a car on favorable credit terms. Banks, in turn, receive 20% from the state and, by stimulating car sales, increase their lending performance and benefit from interest,” says Alexei Tuzov, an independent expert in the transport industry.


Denis Manturov said that a discount of up to 35% (but not more than 925,000 rubles) would apply to Russian Evolute electric vehicles. But here the experts have a lot of questions. The fact is that the production of such machines has not even begun yet. It is not clear how much manufacturers will ask for them. In March of this year, five electric vehicles were announced – a sedan, a minivan and three crossovers. They wanted to assemble the novelty together with the Chinese concern Sokon Group. But how machine builders from the Middle Kingdom will behave today is still unclear.

The first mass-produced electric car seems to be in big trouble. Even in countries where this market has been developing at a frantic pace until recently, this direction of the automotive industry has been abandoned. The famous manufacturer Dyson was one of the first to admit that electric vehicles are not paying off, and eventually closed the project. “We have developed an amazing electric car. But we just don’t see how to make it commercially viable,” said James Dyson, chief executive of the company.

In 2020, Ford Motor canceled the production of an electric pickup truck. The company lost $500 million of investments, but chose to forget about the failed project. Giants like GM, Mercedes-Benz and Fiat Chrysler have not achieved at least some success. But in Lipetsk they promise to make 240,000 electric vehicles in 11 years. Plans for the electromobilization of Russia were announced last year. Investments in this area will amount to 800 billion.

Natalia Vladimirova

NB! You can apply for a preferential car loan at car dealerships and dealer offices. They do not have the right to refuse to purchase under the state program.

Photo: S. Kiselev / AGN “Moscow”.

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