May 2, 2021
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"Disaster recipe": NI warned Biden against a mistake with Putin

The American edition of the National Interest warned US President Joe Biden against a mistake with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It said further escalation of tensions was a “recipe for disaster.”

Biden, in his address to Congress, reiterated his old theses about fighting Russia and China. The American president named Beijing as his main rival. At the same time, he stressed that Washington will not turn a blind eye to the violation of human rights in the PRC.

As for Moscow, Biden again promised that the Russians would “answer” for the alleged illegal actions. But at the same time, Washington is ready to conduct a dialogue with Russia.

The National Interest noted that the old tactics of intimidation and pressure have stopped working. Both Russia and China have begun to openly respond to Washington’s unfriendly steps. For the first time, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced his readiness to go for an “asymmetric response.” That is, to take not proportionate, but much more stringent measures. China, on the other hand, threatened with a “decisive response” if the US boycotted the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Increasingly bold measures by Moscow and Beijing pose a challenge to the Biden administration, but an even greater threat looms on the horizon: the possibility of Sino-Russian coordination to contain the West.

It recalled that earlier Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov openly spoke about such coordination at a joint press conference with his Chinese counterpart Wang I. The Chinese authorities, in turn, made it clear that they are ready to support Russia in the face of endless Western sanctions. Wang Yi said that it is about protecting the sovereignty of the two countries, and he called the sanctions “a manifestation of hegemony that causes general protest.”

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