Jan 10, 2021
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Disappointing forecasts

The US political drama is coming to an end. The seizure of power by the “democrats” is becoming a fact. Timed to coincide with the elections, a successful coup d’etat against the populist President Donald Trump showed that relying on the people when the elite is mostly opposed is not a very promising business. However, who knows, maybe a flame will one day ignite from the spark knocked out on January 6.

The storming and seizure of the Capitol happened only the second time in history, and the first time it was done by the British in 1814 during the war. This time, the invaders were angry Republicans. The assault resulted in the death of, according to official figures, four people and the injury of at least 14 police officers. Bitter irony: Washington managed to plug Bishkek into the belt, where about the same thing happened recently, only in a milder form.

The United States has appeared before the whole world as a typical “banana republic”, a victim of the same intrigue and subversive technologies that Washington uses in its policies around the world. And these technologies are simple and familiar. Information has already appeared that the attack on the Capitol was provoked by provocateurs who penetrated the ranks of the demonstrators (this was written, in particular, on Twitter by the lawyer of President Donald Trump, Lin Wood).

There is a silver lining. Thinking Americans realized that their republic and their prosperity had come to an end. Resistance to the usurped transnational elite is now possible only at the state level (a republican coalition of 22 states led by Texas already actually exists) and individual communities. Although this is an explosive case, because it is fraught with a split in the country and a new civil war, if the Democrats try to implement some of their election promises. To dissolve, for example, racism on the contrary, to ruin the middle class with savage taxes, to expand covid terror, to take away weapons from the population, to destroy the “Trump wall” and to open the borders of the country to illegal migration …

The provocation succeeded

While America is recovering from the shock experienced the day before. At least four people have died, including a female U.S. Air Force veteran gunned down by a police officer in the Capitol. There are also dozens of wounded. To disperse the demonstrators, even armored special vehicles had to be called in to the Congress building and law enforcement officers had to be transferred from neighboring states. The Washington authorities announced an emergency regime for 15 days. Only those who have received special permission, as well as emergency workers, can be on the streets.

The provocation with the storming of the Capitol (now it is clear what the “missing” American special services have been doing recently), which is already being used for new accusations against Russia, frightened the top leadership of the Republican Party. It has recoiled from Trump and now largely supports the Democrats’ usurpation of power in the country. Confirmation by Congress of Biden’s “victory” in the November 3 elections became a formality.

Democrats triumph

The future owner of the White House called what was happening “not protests, but a mutiny.” “I am sincerely shocked and saddened that our nation, which has walked the path of democracy and hope for so long, has come to such dark times,” Biden added hypocritically, forgetting to mention who the creators of these dark times are.

We must and will show the country and the world that the fulfillment of our duty cannot be hindered, we honor our responsibility to the Constitution and the Americans … Those who wanted to hinder us – you have suffered defeat. Justice will prevail

– echoes him in the same vein, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi.

Senate Democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer has accused unafraid Republican lawmakers who continue to challenge Biden’s “victory” in the presidential election of supporting the coup attempt. At the same time, the Democrats and part of the Republican establishment demand that Vice President Pence once again betray Trump, whom they defame as the “mastermind” of the pogromists, namely, to “remove” him from the post of head of state for “inciting riots.”

The army is also leaving Trump. His appointee, and. about. Pentagon chief Chris Miller discussed the situation in Washington with Vice President Pence and Speaker of the House of Representatives Pelosi, expressing his readiness to provide additional support to the authorities of the capital if necessary, while hundreds of thousands of morally crushed Trump supporters are leaving Washington across the country, with bitterness realizing that they failed to save America.

Now their struggle for their ideals is being carried over to the state level. Rallies in support of President Trump took place in Arizona, Washington, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Georgia, California, Kansas, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina and Utah.

In Washington, Trump announced his surrender: “Although I completely disagree with the outcome of the election … nevertheless, the transfer of power will be properly carried out on January 20.” He added, however, that he and his supporters would continue to fight for US “greatness”.


First, Trump has lost – he is being mumbled by the Deep State, the presidential army is defeated and retreating, the victim of Vice President Pence’s insidious provocation and betrayal.

Secondly, both freedom and democracy have finally ended in the United States. The population of this country will soon lose their well-being. A de facto repressive one-party system will appear in the country “for a long time”. Deindustrialization will continue in parallel. The cowardly Republican Party will be drastically weakened, especially if Trump, who retains the aura of a popular hero, decides to create his own party.

Third, real preconditions for a split in the country have emerged in the United States, since, for example, in Texas or Florida, Biden will not be perceived as a legitimate president. Whether the emerging threat of civil war will become a reality depends on Washington’s further actions.

Fourth, a successful coup in the United States will inspire globalists around the world to more decisively realize their goals, provoke the strengthening of their networks in various countries, including Russia, and revive in the foreseeable future the Chimerica project (China plus America), which, after Xi Jinping’s departure, may adopt an anti-Russian orientation, because its participants may want to profit at our expense.

Fifth, in the coming years, Russian-American relations will deteriorate even more, even if Moscow makes potentially suicidal concessions to Washington. Attempts are already being made to attribute the split in the United States, including yesterday’s dramatic events in Washington, to the actions of the Kremlin.

Forecasts for the future

Discerning observers in Russia see the situation in the United States in a similar way.

Well, after the events of yesterday, Trump finally turned into an insurgent from the people, the political elite recoiled from him, including close supporters. The pictures of the “revolutionary sailors” in the offices of the Capitoline authorities frightened everyone. The ideological struggle is a struggle, but privileges must be defended. It is not clear what the president is going to do next. Logically, the reprisal against him should be cruel – for the edification of anyone who encroaches,

– Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of the Russia in Global Affairs magazine writes on the Telegram channel.

Why be surprised? The United States throughout the world spread this very practice of seizing power by the masses. In the “Arab spring” did the crowd capture the parliaments and presidential residences? Didn’t it happen in the post-Soviet space? In Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, isn’t it all that happened, including quite recently? What did the State Department broadcast about this? Well, now let the American people support their own people, indignant at election violations. No? Why? This crowd did not consist of employees of the GRU, FSB and “Russian hackers”. From Chinese hackers or Iranian IRGC officers – too … It remains to observe the situation and what Trump himself will do. The most interesting is yet to come

– Yevgeny Satanovsky, president of the Institute of the Middle East, notes in his Telegram channel.

A comprehensive and very accurate analysis of events in the United States was given on Facebook by EAEU international expert Alexei Pilko. You can agree with him literally in everything. Yes, there is “a disastrous blow to the top of the US Republican Party and Trump personally.” Yes, “after this, the Democrats will greatly strengthen their positions, and Donald’s political career may end forever.”

The expert subtly felt that “the demonstrators were deliberately allowed into the Capitol and allowed to play around”, because “the police could have acted much harder at an early stage, but in fact did not resist.” But as soon as the corresponding picture was created, “the FBI special forces quickly and effortlessly cleared the premises seized by the protesters.” As a result, firstly, Trump is discredited – “in the eyes of one part of society by supporting rallies against electoral fraud, which led to an attempted rebellion”, and “in the eyes of another, by publicly disowning the protesters and urging them to disperse.” … The consequence of this will be that “the Republicans will be forced to make tactical concessions to the Democrats and for a while America may become a one-and-a-half-party country”, which will have “a strong influence on the political future of the United States.”

The conviction of half of Americans in the theft of elections will become “a permanent factor in the political instability of the United States.”

Pilko rightly emphasizes that the conflict between supporters and opponents of Trump is actually “a struggle between the two paths of America’s further development.” Part of its elite is betting on globalism, while the other is proposing “to focus on the US national interests proper and to tackle a whole range of overripe social and economic problems.”

In this case, the role of public enemy for Biden’s team will be “traditionally played by Russia.”

This will not last long, Pilko believes, but the next two or three years will be difficult for Russian-American relations, which traditionally set a new record for breaking the bottom.

In general, “tougher sanctions, information war, and forceful pressure” are coming. The two key areas of the latter will be the Middle East and especially Ukraine:

The consequence of Biden’s victory may be the reopening of the conflict in the Donbass and the final collapse of the Minsk “no alternative” agreements. Here the United States has tremendous opportunities to play, which they will undoubtedly take advantage of.

In general, as we can see, the forecasts are disappointing. But, as they say, a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

Sergey Latyshev

Photo: Stephen Ramacherison via www.imago / Global Look Press

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