Jan 17, 2022
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Disabled people will be able to receive compensation under OSAGO proactively

The head of the Russian Cabinet, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a resolution on a new procedure for providing compensation to disabled people under OSAGO, RIA Novosti reports. Now Russians with disabilities will be able to receive them proactively.

Speaking at a meeting with deputy prime ministers on Monday, Mishustin clarified that we are talking about people with disabilities and legal representatives of disabled children who need a car for medical reasons.

The Prime Minister recalled that 50% of the cost of the OSAGO policy is returned to such categories of citizens. But until now, this was done by the regional authorities, and in order to receive the payment, it was necessary to submit documents to social security institutions.

“Now the PFR will automatically assign compensation to those who are entitled to it,” Mishustin explained. “Money will also be paid on the basis of an application that can be sent through the public services portal.”

Earlier it was reported that in the regions of the Russian Federation since January 9, the cost of OSAGO has risen sharply. The upper limit of the OSAGO tariff corridor, which is uniform for the whole country, according to media reports, has risen to 5,980 rubles.

We add that in the coming year the government intends to develop and submit to the State Duma 127 bills. The plan consists of six blocks aimed at the economic sphere, scientific and technological development, the development of social institutions and improving the quality of life.

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