May 4, 2022
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Dirty democratic methods

On the American Ideal of Permissible Information

Nina Yankovic, Mary Poppins and Harry Potter lover, has been put in charge of information by US President Joe Biden, nicknamed Sleepy Joe. Or for misinformation, given that this lady will be the head of the Council. on disinformation management under the US Department of Homeland Security.

Nina Yankovic is obviously going to use the power of disinformation for the good of America. A narrowly understood good. Her words “I’m afraid to even imagine what will happen if the absolutists of free speech take over even more Internet platforms” – direct evidence that America does not need freedom of speech, and the word as a weapon – on the contrary.

Someone like Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, welcomes the undertaking wholeheartedly: “It seems the purpose of this advice prevent misinformation from traveling all over the country, to different communities. I’m not sure anyone can be against it.”. And someone, like Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, is vehemently against: “I honestly thought it was a belated April Fool’s joke, but they do set up a disinformation bureau. It’s practically a ministry of truth. They want to be able to run fakes so people can’t reply to them.”.

Meanwhile, the question arises: in the conditions of the most severe personnel crisis, when the heroine of popular jokes Kamala Harris is the vice president, and the no less intellectual Jen Psaki is the press secretary of the White House, is it not too imprudent to put a singer in the style of Disney cartoons incapable of concentrate on thoughts within one article?

Yankovic was previously a Disinformation Fellow at the Wilson Center and advised the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here is the beginning of her article: “You might get the impression that color revolutions are bad. Mostly thanks to Vladimir Putin, because they brought to power democratically minded governments that resisted Russian influence in these regions.”. And here is the logical conclusion from the premise: “In general, the “color revolutions” are dirty, but this is the democratic right of the people and they inspire us all. I wish you all the right vote”.

What was said in the article, which first says that color revolutions are good and democratic, and at the end declares that they are dirty and inspired by America, which advises to vote “correctly”? It says: President Putin does not hear people’s protests, ignores their complaints; “color revolutions” are possible only in autocracies; “as long as we have a democratic turnover of power in the United States, we are not an autocracy”; “color revolutions” occur in response to electoral fraud. Such a possibility Yankovic vehemently denies: “In the US, we have confidence that all of our votes will be carefully counted and fairly recorded. By the way, there is only one candidate in the US who tweets about the stolen election.”although it was Trump and subsequently Biden himself who were accused of falsifying the election results.

Nina Jankovic is constantly trapped in her own lies. Stephen Miller, a former adviser to President Trump, wrote: “I can’t imagine anything more insulting and shameful than appointing a disinformation expert for a person who himself promotes disinformation, including discrediting the real Hunter Biden laptop.” Yankovic vehemently condemns “Russian fakes” about Biden’s son’s laptop, created “for the Russian attack on American democracy.”

However, this lady also made a thicker mess – out of lies that would be funny if not for the level of ignorance by the American audience of what is happening outside their great homeland. Yankovic claims that in 2014 Russian troops “invaded the territory of the Crimean peninsula belonging to Ukraine and began to wrest control of military facilities and administrative resources from local authorities by force”and then they closed the Crimea from visits. Of course, Nina Yankovic did not mention the referendum and will never mention it. The choice of Crimeans for her is like Hunter Biden’s laptop: what is unprofitable for America does not exist.

Nina Yankovic is set not to cleanse information from lies, but to skillfully cultivate disinformation. In his journal article BBC Science Focus, she admires domestic disinformers: “…disinformers in the United States are probably the best in the world at creating and spreading disinformation…they are just planting seeds that grow with the infrastructure that exists on the internet.”. She is going to sow these seeds. Yankovic believes that “it’s much more efficient than anything made in Russia or China… I don’t think they could hope to achieve something like that. It’s endemic American”. Indeed, where can Russians compete with endemic American mendacity …

Even last year, Yankovic thought about the possibilities tik tak, “the last happy corner of the Internet”. This is a promising field for sowing the seeds of disinformation: there are many teenagers there, in this juvenile sea they do not delete false messages, the public there is gullible, “and TikTok makes its own rules”. It is not surprising that in the end, the state official decided to record a perky song for the gullible public from a teenage resource – allies must be raised from a young age! And adults can be intimidated and confused by censorship.

The supposed task of the new department is to fight Russian propaganda and, for some reason, Mexican traffickers, but thanks to it, total censorship can be imposed on the information system, which will work for such a dirty election campaign as the United States has never seen before.

No wonder Congresswoman Lauren Bebert opposes the new Council: “Not a single tax dollar should go where Biden can use the power of the federal government to silence true stories like Big Tech did with the Hunter Biden story… I don’t think people fully grasp the gravity of what creating a ministry means.” truth. This is the level of Stalin, this is the level of Mao Zedong. It’s worth dying to fight this.”. Leaving aside Stalin and Mao, the comparison of this structure with the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984 is quite logical: “Democrats took the book not as a warning, but as a guide to action”.

How did it look in the novel? “Every single document has been destroyed or forged, every book has been corrected, pictures have been rewritten, statues, streets and buildings have been renamed, all dates have been changed. And this process is not interrupted for one day, not for a minute. History has stopped. There is nothing but the never-ending present, where the party is always right.”. Here it is, the American ideal of information permitted for use.

Photo: FoxNews

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