Apr 27, 2021
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Director Naumov called Proklova’s words about harassment delusional

Director Vladimir Naumov commented on the words of actress Elena Proklova about harassment.

Director Naumov called Proklova's words about harassment delusional

67-year-old Elena Proklova became the heroine of the “Secret in a Million” program on the NTV channel. On the air of the show, she admitted that she was harassed by a famous person who is now dead. At that time she was only 15 years old.

Many have suggested that Elena Proklova chatted about Oleg Tabakov. Director Vladimir Naumov called her words nonsense. He also urged Elena Proklova not to accuse anyone of harassment, since these people can no longer answer.

“A wonderful woman. And suddenly she threw everything away, the alphabet was to tell some things, realizing that no one could refute her words, ”said 93-year-old Vladimir Naumov in a commentary to the TV program.

The director wondered why the actress was silent for so many years, and why she decided to talk about the harassment now.

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