Jan 29, 2021
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Director Nachalova said hockey player Frolov threatened the singer until her death

The PR director of Yulia Nachalova, Anna Isaeva, said that the ex-lover of the singer, hockey player Alexander Frolov, with whom they had been together for six years, threatened her shortly before her death.

Director Nachalova said hockey player Frolov threatened the singer until her death

“She had a very intense relationship with Frolov. I recited several SMS from him. These messages specifically spoke of threats, “Isaeva said on the Dok-Tok program on Channel One.

According to the director Nachalova, the ex-lover was rolling the singer that if they did not agree to “pick up and greet you”, then he himself would find tenants in Nachalova’s apartment. It was reported that the hockey player had a share in this room, allegedly driven to Frolov for 20 million rubles, but the artist did not receive a penny, it was alleged.

Isaeva said that shortly before her death, after another clarification of the relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Yulia’s blood sugar screechingly increased.

“Her sugar level was 33. This is an overwhelming level. They don’t live with such things, ”Isaeva emphasized, adding that the reason for this was stress.

A friend of the Nachalov family, Larisa Dolina, reported that a colleague on the stage shared stories with her about an affair with a hockey player.

“She was like a girl, what an initial one fell in love with life. She was cloudless, and I was cloudless for her, ”Dolina recalled.

However, later Julia changed her view of the athlete. “He is not a man,” Nachalova said, noting that she was outraged that Frolov asked Nachalova for weapons for the restaurants he paid for and much more.

Frolov himself did not comment on these statements until then.

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