Sep 1, 2021
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Dina Averina spoke about hysteria at the Olympics

Russian gymnast Dina Averina spoke about the hysterics that happened during her personal all-around at the Tokyo Olympics. The athlete spoke on the air of the Match TV channel.

The athlete remembered that she was in a difficult emotional state after the unsuccessful performance of her sister Arina Averina in the exercise with the ribbon. “I realized that I can’t be wrong at all. I started to shake. It was the first time ever in Tokyo, ”said Averina. The Russian woman said that she began to breathe correctly and calm herself, after which she felt better.

On August 31, Averina’s sisters talked about their relationship with the winner of the personal all-around at the Games, Israeli Lina Ashram. They noted that they communicate during the competition and exchange congratulations on the holidays.

The individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympics was held on August 7. Dina Averina won silver, and her twin sister Arina Averina became the fourth. The Russian side considered that the refereeing at the Olympics was biased.

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