Apr 2, 2021
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Dima Bilan’s son-in-law refused to return the singer a multimillion-dollar debt

The wife of the sister of singer Dima Bilan Gennady Zimin-Belan said at a court hearing that he did not take money from the artist. He is not going to return the multi-million dollar debt to the star.

The hearing on the high-profile case took place on April 1. On it, Zimin-Belan made an unexpected statement: he said that he did not take money from a star relative, and the signature in the documents was a fake.

“The proceedings were suspended, a forensic handwriting examination was appointed to establish the authenticity of Zimin-Belan’s signature on the loan agreement,” StarHit quotes the words of an employee of the Babushkinsky court.

Representatives of the pop artist, apparently, having lost hope of settling all issues in a normal environment, increased the amount of claims. If earlier the relative had to return 19.5 million rubles to the artist, now he was billed with an additional 2.5% (this equals 487.5 thousand rubles), the newspaper “Culture” writes.

The lawsuit between Bilan and his son-in-law began last year. The singer went to court with a request to recover from a relative 19.5 million rubles, which he borrowed from him several years ago.

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