Oct 13, 2020
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Dima Bilan will perform the song of the crocodile Gena in the new project “Soyuzmultfilm”

16:35, 13.10.2020

The artist admitted that he likes to sing the legendary composition.

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In September of this year, it became known that Dima Bilan fell ill with pneumonia. The artist was in a hospital for several weeks. Bilan announced his hospitalization on August 26 live on his microblog on Instagram. He stated that he worked with a high temperature for a long time and, sacrificing his health for the sake of performing, did not seek medical help.

Dima Bilan explained that his condition deteriorated sharply after he took a boat trip in Yalta. Talking about his health, the pop singer noted that doctors ruled out his coronavirus. After being discharged, the musician said that he managed to defeat the disease and warmly thanked his fans for their support. Then Dima decided on radical changes in his image. The artist made a stylish haircut and dyed his hair in a shocking crimson color. He appeared at one of the social events, where he immediately attracted the attention of the press.

Dima Bilan in a new look

Bilan not only changed his image, but also decided to take part in an unusual project. Today, in his microblog on Instagram, the artist said that he was recording the song of the crocodile Gena from the cartoon about Cheburashka. “Can you guess what good old song I recorded for the @ soyuzmultfilm.official and @russkoe_radio special project? Fulfilling a legend is always joyful! " - wrote Bilan (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given unchanged. - Prim. row.).

Dima Bilan records the song of the crocodile Gena

Recall that at the beginning of September last year, Dima Bilan was at the center of a major scandal. The fact is that at a concert in honor of the day of the city of Samara, the artist performed drunk. According to eyewitnesses, during the event, Bilan moved strangely and did not get into the phonogram. And the next day, a petition from city residents even circulated on the Web, who demanded a public apology from the artist. However, a few days after the incident, Dima hastened to admit his guilt. Later, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation held a second free concert for the residents of the city, which he organized at his own expense. Moreover, the performer presented the Samara house of inclusive creativity with a gift - a certificate for the construction of a children's development area.

We add that the singer is reluctant to talk about his personal life. For example, in mid-December last year, Dima Bilan became the hero of the release of the YouTube show “And Talk?”. In an interview, the artist spoke about his creative development, however, the greatest public resonance was caused by the star's revelations about his personal life - Dima first said that a few years ago a woman who was pregnant with him lost a child. According to the singer, there was a period in his life when he was planning a family. He was to have two children. As the singer admitted, the gestation period of his chosen one was three months when she had a miscarriage. This was followed by a second attempt, but again unsuccessful. Bilan was very upset about what had happened and literally went crazy, began to drink, and broke up with his beloved, because they could not look each other in the eyes.

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