Jan 12, 2021
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Dima Bilan said that he spends his time on vacation in the Maldives

Two days ago, Dima Bilan reported that he went to rest in the Maldives. According to the musician, he had not been on vacation for two years before.

Dima Bilan said that he spends time on vacation in the Maldives

Dima Bilan joined the number of Russian show business stars, which decided to lay several winter weeks on a tropical island. The musician said that he did not allow himself to go on vacation for two years. Therefore, Bilan decided to devote the first days to inactive rest.

The singer reported that he was spending his vacation alone, devoting more time to his own reboot. At the same time, he showed subscribers that during his break he decided to experiment with the image again.

Having spent several months with a crimson hair color, having come to the resort, Dima showed his own picture with a newly-made cornflower blue nuance. However, two days later, he published a photo with a shaved head in Storis.

In the commentary under the picture, the musician reported that he was bored with his hair, and for a couple of weeks he decided to give himself time to rest from them.

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