Aug 20, 2022
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Dima Bilan began to fear for his life


Singer Dima Bilan wrote a serious application for protection in his rider.

One of the most demanding riders was Dima Bilan. The singer is very concerned about bodyguards, so he requires two bodyguards and at least 10 people on the concert stage for every 1000 seats.

Also, the organizers must purchase business class plane tickets for Bilan and pay for separate seats for transporting guitars.

Dima Bilan - photo from the archive -
Dima Bilan – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It is also forbidden to disturb the artist and give information about his stay at the hotel.

In case of non-fulfillment of one of the conditions of the rider, the concert director has the right to cancel the concert without further infringement of the rights of the artist“, – Bilan’s rider says

In terms of food, everything is simpler, Bilan eats like everyone else. The list includes meat, cheese and fish cuts, fruit, water and sliced ​​lemon, writes PEOPLETALK.

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