Feb 23, 2021
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Digitization jokes are over

The digitalization jokes are over, it started in full. Developments in artificial intelligence are focused primarily on creating a system of complete control and total control. We live in a world when we have already passed from control over human consciousness to control.

Let’s say you have a passion that you don’t even want to advertise, and the neural network will throw information at you, stimulating this passion in order to induce you to do this or that. The corresponding technologies have already been tested, and experiments on social and emotional contamination are being carried out more and more.

Further. There are already platforms on which scientific information is located, and it is prestigious to be hosted on them. If we make it so that the work in some predetermined direction would be accepted by the platform and bonuses are awarded for this, then it is possible to influence the direction of the development of science itself.

There are algorithms that are capable of writing literature. I personally took excerpts from Pelevin as an experiment, and the system wrote a sequel.

The “invisible hand of the market” is being replaced before our very eyes by artificial intelligence. There is an artificial intelligence system that evaluates investments, and bots are already writing financial press releases. A lot of metrics are being prepared, measuring the company’s behavior, and this will be calculated by artificial intelligence. Depending on whether the company behaves well or badly, it will be rewarded or punished. Relatively speaking, you have planted a billion trees in Canada, and your capitalization will grow. The corresponding algorithms are put into the system: in China it is done by the government, in the USA by corporations.

I see that digital platforms are cooperating with each other not only within the United States, and Russian entrepreneurs, I am afraid that they will have to adjust to the Davos reset. The entire economy is moving to digital, and all this will be carried out on Western platforms, we are introducing international standards through consulting companies, in the development of which we do not participate.

I note that Skinner’s ideas are popular in the USA, they believe that human behavior is fully consistent with the environment. Similar ideas arise all the time, although in the mid-50s of the 20th century, the works of Chomsky appeared, who convincingly showed that this was not so. Yes, you can control the masses of people, but the behavior of an individual person can be completely out of control.

In addition, behavioral information-based management of masses of people is effective only if people are not aware of it. As soon as people realize that they are being watched, then all this mysticism of management collapses. Therefore, digital platforms, those who stand behind them and use them to achieve their goals, do not want people to know about it.

So, it is impossible to conquer a person to the end. You need to do all your actions consciously. Digital systems are set up to react instantly, and if you react the next day, it will be outside the logic of the system. Some have already lost hope, but I am sure that the current situation is temporary, and everyone can develop their own personal survival strategy.

Igor Shnurenko

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