Sep 12, 2020
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“Digital” surveillance. Application of “United Russia” for work in elections

In the upcoming elections this weekend, the United Russia party will coordinate observers using a smartphone app. With its help, it will be possible to report voter turnout, exit poll data, information on violations, attach photos and videos.

As told Deputy Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Sergei Perminov, the system began to be developed in 2018, when the presidential elections were held in Russia. During 2019, it was supplemented with new functionality, and now it is a completely finished product.

“No party in Russia has such technical resources. All hardware and software have been certified in the appropriate state centers, which ensure work with commercial and state secrets. In addition, we tested our digital capabilities in the party's preliminary vote, which this year for the first time took place entirely online. We are very scrupulous about data security, including personal data, when conducting election procedures, ”he stressed.

Through the application, observers will be able to send information about the opening and closing of precinct election commissions to the federal situation center of "United Russia" and, if it is deviated from the standard time, indicate the reasons for what happened. In addition, they will report voter turnout, exit poll data and information on violations. In the latter case, they can attach a photo or video.

It is impossible to get into the system without verification: data on all observers of United Russia in the country are loaded into it. All information about a person is checked automatically. According to Sergey Perminov, this is a multi-stage process, and therefore it is impossible to download the application and start using it without verification. Such a protection system avoids possible provocations.

“We are maximally interested in disseminating this digital experience. If a corresponding request comes from the Central Election Commission, we are ready to share our best practices, ”he said.

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