Jan 7, 2022
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Digital communism: everything for rent, nothing of your own

Digital communism: everything for rent, nothing of your own

The world is increasingly striving for the civilization of sharing: no property, everything is for rent. The country has announced a course towards the digitalization of the economy. This is a worldwide trend.

From 2022, the digital ruble is being introduced in Russia. In fact, this is virtual money. What are their pros and cons? Will the salary also become temporary? Will money and personal belongings also be rented?


The Central Bank assures that the advantages of the digital ruble are obvious. All settlements will be carried out at uniform rates, and transaction costs will be drastically reduced. Bankers do not like this at all, because the additional commission of banks for money transfers will be completely abolished.

Each digital ruble will have a unique number. The money will be stored in virtual wallets. To buy something (and we will also buy more often on the Internet), it is enough to transfer the code of your digital money. This will allow them to fully track their movement and return the money in case of theft by phone scammers or hackers. In 2021, crooks, using social engineering technologies, stole more than 6 billion rubles from Russians, and only 7% of the stolen funds were returned to the victims. But if every ruble could be tracked, as well as the routes of movement of money, then it would be much easier to return the stolen funds to the victims. On the other hand, it is also easier to steal money by hacking electronic wallets than to persuade someone to “transfer them to a secure account”. And there is no doubt that scammers will quickly adapt to digital money and invent new schemes to deceive citizens.

But Elvira Nabiullina’s department will be able to easily trace the movement of money of all Russians. Tax collection will become higher. Control over citizens will increase. After all, now everyone can literally be taken for an electronic wallet, and if something happens, they can quickly block this wallet.

In the last century, American dollars, unsecured empty green candy wrappers, took over the world. This allows the United States to endlessly increase the national debt, constantly turn on the printing press and remain the richest economy in the world. In this century, the new world currency may become incomprehensible what secured digital money is.

Doctor of Economics, Valentin Katasonov, on his YouTube channel “All the shelves” calls digital money a new philosophical stone that can turn everything into gold and give financial tycoons control over all our money. After all, soon there will be no cash at all. The authors of universal digitalization will take care of this. You won’t be able to hide the stash under the mattress. And whoever has a “remote control” from digital money, he “calls the tune”.

Making a person a digital beggar, for example, for disagreeing on political issues or taking too independent economic steps, will be as easy as shelling pears.


The experiment with the digital yuan in China has shown that it is beneficial for the state to establish time frames and strict conditions for the use of digital money. They can be spent only within a certain period of time and for specific goods and services in certain stores and salons. No other way. It will not be possible to put it off for a rainy day, because in a few months the digital money will simply be zero. I wonder if the same rule will be introduced after a while in relation to the digital ruble?

With the help of digital money and digital loans, the state will be able to more efficiently move citizens towards the necessary decisions, for example, to abandon a personal car, if it is possible to get a preferential loan for this. And all of this fits well with the concern for the environment and the project for the transition to a green economy.

Interest on deposits in Russian banks is no longer keeping pace with inflation. And the introduction of digital money, and if also with a certain “shelf life”, will make the very idea of ​​savings senseless.

All money is in active circulation, no property, no savings. Clothes, gadgets and furniture are also for rent. The corresponding online stores are coming soon. Because this is just the logic of the development of the world civilization of sharing. Continuous digital communism. But the slaves in the ancient world also did not have any property, because they themselves were someone’s property.

Olga Poplavskaya.


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