Dec 28, 2020
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Different riddles about professions for elementary school

Riddles about professions for elementary school are great material for the development of children. They are useful both in educational institutions and at home.

Riddles about the most popular professions

  • He works hard

So that we are always warm.

So that everyone has a home

So that we feel good in him (Builder).builder

  • He flies high.

It’s easy for him.

Day and night long

He himself leads the plane (Pilot).pilot

  • He keeps order.

Day and night – all the time watching.

For him, evil is disgusting.

Who is this (Policeman)?policeman

  • They all live by the sea.

For them, boredom is grief.

They often smoke cigarettes,

When they look into the distance … (Sailors)

  • He’s on the train all the time

Although he rarely goes on vacation.

He drives the train

They are delivered to the stations (Driver).train driver

  • Any role he can play –

A Swiss, but at least a tram driver.

In the cinema, in the theater, he plays,

He is respected for this (Actor).actor

  • About medicines of all possible

He knows and will help you.

She works with a doctor

And also – he will give an injection. (Nurse).nurse

  • He stands behind the counter

He watches for food.

Cake, bread, butter – everything for everyone

And at the end he will issue a check (Seller).seller

  • For children, he is the most important.

He teaches to write with a capital letter.

He teaches to count and sew,

And read and tinker (Teacher).the teacher

  • He’ll talk about the weather

He will talk about nature.

It’s almost ubiquitous.

Who is he? He is … (TV presenter)TV presenter

  • He’s a hospital doctor.

Hush, little one, don’t cry.

It will heal a cough in the bronchi

Will prescribe a syrup for the throat (Pediatrician).pediatrician

  • This doctor is very serious

Maybe even a little formidable.

Cure appendicitis

Or a leg, if suddenly it hurts (Surgeon).surgeon

  • He knows everything about dogs.

They won’t cry with him.

And they will not bite him:

So he will train them (Cynologist).dog handler

  • Don’t be afraid of the pediatrician

Don’t worry, take it easy

Don’t cry, don’t whine, don’t cry.

He’s just a child’s … (Doctor).children's doctor

  • Here is a completely different kingdom:

Only medicines live here.

Aunt walks between syringes

Like a domineering queen. (Pharmacist, pharmacist).pharmacist

  • If the crane suddenly broke

He will fix it himself.

Also – he will help a friend.

And we all, of course, too (Plumber).plumber

The most unusual riddles

Further, we will still talk about all the professions known to us. However, these children’s riddles about the profession are a little more complex.

  • In the kindergarten with children –

She works there.

Feed, teach, entertain –

Also work for her (Teacher).kindergarten teacher

  • Wave his wand slightly –

And the whole choir sings at the moment!

Not a traffic cop, not a juggler.

This, children, – … (Conductor).conductor

  • He knows how to beauty

To see in what we do not see.

After – he will take a photo,

So that others can see (Photographer).photographer

  • Sparks hit from under the wheels.

Who is driving the electric locomotive?

Not a pilot or a taxi driver,

Not a sailor, but … (Train driver).driver

  • If somewhere suddenly there is a fire –

Through fields or forests.

Or in an apartment or in a house,

That is always ready to help (Firefighters).firefighter

  • Table and chair and wardrobe in the hallway

The master makes good.

He is not a locksmith, not a painter,

And his name is … (Joiner).joiner

  • His working tool is

Many notes assortment.

He opens his mouth

Sings different songs (Singer).singer

  • In the yellow sea of ​​ears

The ship rushes in the open.

Who leads the ship?

Who has a lot of worries? (Combine operator or machine operator).combine operator

  • He works in a cafe

Well, in the restaurant too.

He will bring you a drink

Soup, calf in delicate skin (Waiter).waiter

  • Of course, everyone is familiar with him:

He knows everything about the laws.

Not a chauffeur, not a financier

And his name is … (Lawyer).lawyer

  • He almost lives in a car

He will fix it if necessary.

Do not delay, sorry

Always in a hurry … (Driver)driver

  • Her element is purity.

Washes so much for a reason.

Soon everything will shine

She loves to clean (Cleaning lady).cleaning lady

  • Do you have a pigtail?

Should I get any haircut?

Even wash your hair

And then dry them (Hairdresser).the hairdresser

  • Walks in the meadows all day

He does not walk there himself.

She grazes the cows all day

Accompanies them home (Shepherd).shepherd

  • He’s not a doctor at all,

But he can give pills.

Come with the recipe.

Find everything, just wait (Pharmacist).pharmacist in pharmacy

  • He will not let the animals get sick,

That is why it is so necessary

Piglets and ducklings

Turtles also need it (Veterinarian).veterinarian

  • He knows how to make rolls

That will sell on the alley.

Will make cakes, baguettes,

Whole bouquets of cupcakes (Baker).baker

  • All day he walks, wanders,

Delivers all the receipts.

He puts letters in boxes,

Until it blows (Postman)postman

  • Going on a hike

And he puts on his robe.

The bag is his beret

And (Veterinarian) walks into the barnyard.female veterinarian

  • He’s at the border all the time

At my home country

While there is his work,

We are all safe (Border Guard).border guard

Riddles about the most incredible professions

Difficult riddles about the profession – about rather unusual people. They will be especially interesting for those who have found the answers to the previous puzzles.

  • It’s always funny with him,

He generally lives in a circus.

If anything – come to the holiday,

Red-nosed he is a prankster (Clown).clown

  • Often he is in the forest,

But he doesn’t rest there.

He is in charge of the household.

In the forest, he asks, clean up (Forester).forester

  • His job is difficult.

He always saws, chisels.

Until the work is finished

That does not promise to rest (Joiner).experienced carpenter

  • Shifts gears

Also turns the steering wheel into the bargain.

He’ll check the tires in the morning

And then he gets into the car (Driver).chauffeur

  • He is the most important on the ship.

Engineer, sailor and cabin boy

Obey him.

He directs the stern (Captain).sea ​​captain

  • Serves justice

Knows all the laws.

Advises everyone around

Live by the legal canons (Lawyer).male lawyer

  • His profession is to dive

And look for something at the bottom.

He will find everything he needs

And the support will fail (Diver).scuba diver

  • He knows how to walk in formation.

Even if seriously ill

He honestly serves

It may be hot or cold (Military).military

  • He knows how to do tricks.

This is a whole science.

He’s an unusual actor.

Who is this (Stuntman)?stuntman

  • And she knows how to sew

Whatever you want, he will make.

Sew a brooch, glitter, rhinestones,

Very quickly, even immediately (Seamstress).seamstress

  • She will trim her nails.

He will cover them with any varnish.

Pens will instantly become more beautiful

Only then will he be at rest (Master of manicure).manicurist

  • Helps to tighten the item.

I go to see him in the afternoon.

I learn the most with him

If I suddenly do not have time (Tutor).tutor

  • She plays with the kids

She feeds them and dresses them.

Teaches, takes from school,

She helps mothers (Nanny).nanny

  • Often swims in the pool.

You really need luck.

So that in competitions of different

Win your victory (Swimmer).swimmer

  • Silver needle

I ran a thread in the sky.

Who is there bold with a white thread

He sewed the clouds and hurried:

Have you fluffed the tail of the thread? (Pilot)pilot in the cockpit

Riddles about different professions help expand your horizons. Therefore, be sure to offer them to your kids!

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