Sep 20, 2020
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Died 71-year-old Russian Lotto host Mikhail Borisov

00:14, 09/20/2020

The actor was urgently hospitalized yesterday with pneumonia.

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The host of the Russian Lotto TV lottery Mikhail Borisov died at the age of 72. It is known that yesterday the artist was taken to the hospital directly from the set. Mikhail Borisovich felt bad. At the hospital, doctors diagnosed Borisov with pneumonia, and he was connected to a ventilator. Later, the people's artist was put into a drug-induced coma, after which he experienced clinical death. According to REN TV, his condition deteriorated sharply when he tried to move him to another hospital.

Let us remind you that Mikhail Borisov has been the host of the Russian Lotto for 26 years. The artist was not only the face of the show, but also its artistic director. It should be added that Mikhail Borisovich was born into a creative family. The parents of Borisov, who was born on February 8, 1949, in Moscow, were the famous photojournalist Boris Yakovlevich Fishman and the administrator of the television theater Anna Izrailevna Tsunts.

Mikhail Borisov

Since childhood, Borisov had a passion for theater. When his father took up the position of an artist-photographer in the basic photographic laboratory at the Bolshoi Theater Museum, then after school Misha came there and found himself in the company of famous artists, including Maris Liepa, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya. Once, at a New Year's tree, a graduate of the directing department of the Shchukin School approached Borisov and offered to act. So Mikhail Borisovich got on the screen. At first there were episodic roles, and then the main ones came. After school, Mikhail wanted to go to the theater, but followed his father's advice and became a student at the Mining Institute. In the second year of the university he was admitted to the student theater "Brigantine". Then he brilliantly played in KVN. His contemporaries-kaveenschik were Leonid Yakubovich and Yuliy Gusman. In 1968, Mikhail's team won the championship and the guys were filmed on TV.

After graduating from high school, Borisov went to work as an engineer, but he did not work for him for long - fate again turned him to the theater. Mikhail graduated from the regional House of Amateur Arts, and at the age of 28 he entered the Shchukin School for the acting and directing course of Evgeny Rubenovich Simonov. After graduating from it in 1983 with honors, he went to Tomsk, where in 1987 he was a director at the local drama theater. Then he returned to Moscow.

Over time, Mikhail Borisovich, already a well-known director and theater teacher, became the head of the directing department at the Shchukin school and the stage department at GITIS. He also took up writing. As the host of "Russian Lotto" he first appeared on the screens in 1994. In 2004, he acted as the host of the projects "Clever Found" on the TVC, "Olympic Flame" on the SPORT TV channel.

Mikhail Borisov and Arkady Ukupnik in the show "Russian Lotto"

It should be noted that in December last year, Mikhail Borisov gave an exclusive interview to Vokrug TV. The 71-year-old actor then said that he wanted to try himself as a football commentator. “I had dreams, I have, and I hope they will. I say to my children: "If I stop dreaming, then give me poison." I want to be a commentator for football matches. I've always dreamed about it. I know a lot about football, ”Borisov shared and added that he sees himself as a shareholder of his favorite club. “I have been a fan of Spartak Moscow since 1962. When I'm in a bad mood, I watch Spartak's victorious matches and feel happy. I dream that my favorite club will become a truly national team. I want to be a shareholder of Spartak. I could offer a lot of sensible things, because the professions of a director and a coach are somewhat similar to each other, "said Mikhail Borisovich.

Mikhail Borisov in an exclusive interview with "Around TV"

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