Oct 19, 2021
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Die Zeit Readers Support Russia in Severing Diplomatic Relations with NATO


Die Zeit Readers Support Russia in Severing Diplomatic Relations with NATO
FBA “Economics Today”

A German newspaper published an article that Moscow has decided to close its representation in the North Atlantic Alliance. This is how the Kremlin reacted to the fact that several Russian diplomats were stripped of their accreditation for allegedly working for the special services.

NATO is not interested in either an equal dialogue or cooperation, ”said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The foreign minister added that the NATO office in Moscow will also be closed. From November 1, all diplomats of the Alliance mission will lose their accreditation.

Die Zeit readers supported Moscow’s decision. In the comments, they noted that the retaliatory measures of the Russian leadership are absolutely justified.

“Well, this is not a surprise. If NATO does not even explain its move, then one should not be surprised that a response will follow. It is strange that, on the one hand, China is seen as the biggest threat to NATO, and on the other hand, Russia is constantly being driven in the direction of China. It doesn’t seem reasonable to me, ”said a user under the nickname RedDuke.

“It is quite understandable reaction of Russia. There is nothing more to say, ”agreed nichtauszudenken.

Some users have also suggested that mutual espionage is a natural thing in international relations that helps keep the peace. They recalled that during the Cold War, the military missions of the two countries constantly monitored each other’s actions and this did not surprise anyone.

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