Jun 3, 2021
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Die Welt: What the USA will demand from Germany in exchange for Nord Stream 2

“New commitments to Ukraine? Toughness towards Russia? China? ” – the author wonders

German national daily newspaper Peace (“Welt”) invites readers to understand what exactly is hidden behind the negotiations of representatives Angela Merkel (headed by the adviser to the Bundescanzlerin for foreign affairs Jan Hecker) and Joseph Biden in the USA via the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The key meeting took place on Wednesday, June 2, at the residence of the German Ambassador in Washington. American negotiators are led by Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan

“The timing of the German-American talks was not chosen by chance. The US President will travel to Europe next week. This will be Joe Biden’s first overseas trip in four months of his presidency. He will meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel several times. First at the G7 summit in the UK, and a few days after that at the NATO summit and during the EU-US summit in Brussels. Therefore, Biden and Merkel will talk one-on-one at least once. Obviously, the issue of Nord Stream 2 will be a topic for discussion, ”

– writes Peace

The gas pipeline is almost built, for Berlin it is a matter of economics, for the USA it is a matter of “dependence” on Russia, among other things, irritating pro-American regimes in the EU (the Baltic states and Poland) and beyond (Ukraine).

The author of the article – Daniel Friedrich Sturm (Daniel Friedrich Sturm) – believes that the position of the current US president on Nord Stream 2 is the same as that of his predecessor, but the administration Biden has so far made a decision not to impose sanctions against the pipeline operator Nord Stream 2 AGas explained by the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the report to Congress, “for the sake of national interests” – the new president of the United States has no desire to increase the degree of tension in relations with Germany and other European partners interested in “SP-2”.

“Biden made his step forward. Now it’s Merkel’s turn. This is precisely why the current visit of members of her government to Washington is needed. For too long Berlin has stubbornly defended Nord Stream 2,

– notes the author Peace… And he immediately points out that Germany is in no hurry to get closer to Biden, since his position is not very strong: the majority in Congress is shaky, it is likely that the current US president and the Democrats as a whole will lose the mid-term elections in 2022. This position of the FRG does not suit Washington, especially since the pandemic can no longer serve as an excuse for the lack of dialogue, and only a few days are left before the summits of the G7, NATO and the “EU-US”.

“But what will the talks in Washington bring? No one expects the United States to suddenly abandon criticism against Nord Stream 2. The bipartisan resistance to this project is too great. Also, no one expects the German government to abandon the gas pipeline, ”

– states Peace

According to the author of the article, “The mission of Merkel’s advisers in Washington is likely to agree on a certain exchange. The USA and Germany need a solution that will save face “… He is of the opinion that during the presidency Change there was not that demonstration of goodwill by both sides that Washington is now claiming.

What will the US demand from Germany in exchange for concessions on Nord Stream 2? “Will these be new obligations to Ukraine? A tougher position of Germany against Russia? Maybe against China? “, – Shturm reflects. At the same time, he is not surprised by such a formulation of the question, although Germany in relations with the United States is not Ukraine, not Lithuania or Poland.

Author Peace suggests that Biden has been discussing Nord Stream 2 for a long time with Anthony Blinken, who wrote the book Allies vs. Allies. America, Europe and the Siberian Gas Pipeline Crisis ”, published in 1987. Blinken then criticized Ronald Reagan for the policy of maximum pressure on Europe and argued that “US policy towards the USSR is not as important as US policy towards European allies.”

Meanwhile, while the number was being typeset Peace with Sturm’s article, a group of 21 congressmen from the US Republican Party appealed to Anthony Blinken to lift the waiver of sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG… Republicans believe that, firstly, Russian gas has a more negative impact on the environment than other energy sources and, secondly, that the White House values ​​relations with Germany more than with the rest of Europe (with the Baltics and Poland, or what?) …

Own. corr. FGC, translation of the article “Welt” – Inosmi

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