Sep 14, 2021
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Die Welt: “Andrzej Duda’s behavior is offensive for Germany”

Polish President’s refusal to meet with Angela Merkel is a diplomatic scandal

Poland continues to aggravate relations with the European Union and, in particular, with Germany. During the “farewell tour” Angela Merkel for Europe President of Poland Andrzej Duda refused to meet with the German Chancellor. European media have already called the incident a “diplomatic scandal” that could not have happened by accident, and Angela Merkel’s successor will get a difficult relationship with Poland, which seems to be getting worse every month.

“Angela Merkel was not given the warmest welcome in Warsaw,” the newspaper emphasizes. By the time she landed in the Polish capital, she had to reconsider her plans. Of course, a little later she received a bouquet of flowers from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in azienki Park, but President Duda, who is the first person in the state according to the protocol, did not greet Merkel – and this despite the fact that the Chancellor’s office had previously announced the planned meeting of Merkel and Duda “,

– writes a German newspaper Peace

Die Welt:

Polish media reported that on the day of Merkel’s arrival, the president must be present in Katowice, where commemorative events are taking place. In the opinion of Die Welt journalists, this is a response to the fact that the Polish Prime Minister was not invited to Berlin for government consultations in June.

Brussels is considering Duda’s refusal to accept the German Chancellor as an insult and evidence of a difficult relationship that is exacerbating, despite the fact that Poland is currently among the top five trade partners of Germany, the newspaper notes.

“Poland took note of the announcement of the completion of the construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 last Friday. In Warsaw, he is considered a threat not only to the energy security of Poland, but to the entire EU. Polish television is now in harsh words portrays Germany as an enemy of Poland, ”

– says the author of the article Philip Fritz (Philip Fritz)

The author believes that the reason for the cooling of relations between Poland and Germany was not only “SP – 2”, but also Warsaw’s rejection of the German migration policy. In addition, Merkel’s visit came just at the time when they started talking in Poland about “polexitis” – the country’s withdrawal from the European Union in response to the penalties announced by Brussels.

“The Polish confrontation, which has been going on for six years, has grown into a European problem. If an EU country questions the fundamental rights of the European Union, this applies to the entire union of states. Angela Merkel’s biggest mistake was not to react on time. Now the future chancellor will get a difficult inheritance, ”

– concludes Peace

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