Jul 1, 2020
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Didenko is in spite of her mother and continues to chat with blogger Josh

Parents bloggers speak out against their communications.

Recently "Drugstore revizorro" confessed to his fans in Instagram, what parents Kathy and Joe oppose their communication and adhere to the "haters". But Didenko is in spite of her mother and continues to communicate with his friend.

A screenshot from Instagram: @didenko.katerina

Fans, in turn, is credited with the novel Kate and Joe, and condemn the behavior Didenko because of ambiguous and provocative pair of rollers. Bloggers, nevertheless, deny the speculation of fans about the love between them but continue "to add fuel to the fire", taking the kisses and affectionate communication with each other.

Footage from TikTok: @provizor_didenko

Children Didenko called Josh by his father, what the blogger said in his Instagram. Although their real dad died recently under tragic circumstances at the party Catherine in honor of the birthday.

It is noteworthy that Kate practically does not communicate with mom and told his fans about her reaction after the incident at the party and campaigns on various TV shows. Didenko at the time met with the "wave of criticism" on the part of subscribers.

Answers Katya Didenko fans in Instagram: @didenko.katerina

Now, however, Catherine admits that released the tragic situation and, finally, start to live a full life with a clean slate. She recently had surgery breast augmentationI wanted for a long time and translates their way of rehabilitation of fans.

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