Sep 12, 2020
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"Did Navalny give the go-ahead for this?": Soloviev could not resist irony about the OPCW in "Share"

Earlier it became known that the OPCW delegation arrived at the Charité. There she was given the results of all analyzes that were carried out by Alexei Navalny. Information about this was published on September 11 by Der Spiegel. It was also reported that the Russian oppositionist was poisoned by a “harder” version of the Novichok group’s substance. This was allegedly established by specialists from the Bundeswehr laboratory.

According to the newspaper, the OPCW has become another party that is testing the version of the poisoning of the “Berlin patient”.

“Did Navalny give the go-ahead for this? Wasn’t he already in a coma?” – the author of the Telegram channel “Solovyov” could not resist the irony.

Screenshot: Telegram / @ SolovievLive

Russia appealed to the German authorities to provide the test results of its citizen, who is being treated in Berlin, but was refused. It was said that this information cannot be shared for confidentiality reasons.

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