Sep 13, 2020
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Did Biden fall asleep during the TV interview?

Video with "sleepy Joe", as he calls his rival Donald Trump, posted on the Internet by the Assistant to the President of the United States Dan Scavino... In this video, the TV presenter is trying to ask about something on the air of Joe Biden, but he sits in the frame with his eyes closed, sniffs loudly and does not react in any way to the interlocutor's calls.

However, it soon became clear that the video was a fake. The interview was recorded 10 years ago, but it was not taken from Joe Biden, but from musician Harry Belafontethat really took a nap on the air. The image of Biden covering his eyes was simply overlaid on this video. But the fake did not appear out of nowhere. The recording of Biden nodding off was taken from another television broadcast: there he began to fall asleep exactly at the moment when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the merits of a democratic presidential candidate. Doze had overtaken him before. For example, when he was vice president of the United States, he almost fell asleep during a public speech of his boss. Barack Obama...

So Trump's nickname Biden seems to live up to it. By the way, the current president recently suggested that his opponent take a test for psychostimulants. Trump is confident that "sleepy Joe" at 77 years old can no longer do without them.

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