Apr 20, 2021
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Diana Shurygina flew into the narcological department

The famous Russian blogger from Ulyanovsk, Diana Shurygina, who became famous after a series of programs by Andrei Malakhov, told her Instagram subscribers that she was currently undergoing treatment in the narcology department of a psychiatric dispensary.

Diana Shurygina flew into the narcological department

It is reported that in early April she was discharged from the rehabilitation focus, where she flew in after one of the parties. The young lady’s sighs found that she had nevertheless overcome the internal crisis and returned to her ordinary life. However, the other day, 21-year-old Diana again complained about her poor health.

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Shurygina herself went to the clinic, and on April 19, she frankly reported to the followers that her problems were not only related to prolonged depression, she also confirmed the fact that she was taking illegal substances.

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Fans even before that assumed that the young lady was using drugs, although Diana herself did not answer questions about subservience, but referred to mental problems due to rape.

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