Mar 30, 2021
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Diana Shurygina flew into a drug treatment clinic – Video

The infamous Diana Shurygina moved the overdose of prohibited substances.

Diana Shurygina flew into a drug treatment clinic - Video

Because of this, the 21-year-old girl was placed in a drug treatment clinic. This is reported by the StarHit portal.

In an individual Instagram account, Diana Shurygina posted a series of videos in which she said that she flew into the hospital and psychologists were working with her. She did not name the reason for the hospitalization.

In the frames, Diana Shurygina appeared in an inadequate guise – the young lady was dressed in pajamas, her hair was tangled. Also, she could not even fully open the thorn. The blogger could barely pronounce the words and got confused in them, having difficulty focusing on the phone.

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Now subscribers are wondering what actually happened to the young lady, who, until recently, seemed to have settled down and found individual happiness with the young millionaire Denis Rebrov.

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