May 28, 2022
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Diana Pozharskaya shared the first selfies of her son Ivan Yankovsky


Actress Diana Pozharskaya first showed the face of the heir Ivan Yankovsky.

30-year-old Diana Pozharskaya and 32-year-old Ivan Yankovsky became parents for the first time last summer. A boy was born, who was named after the famous great-grandfather, so the baby became his full namesake – Oleg Ivanovich Yankovsky. The couple, like many star parents, hid the face of the baby and only on May 27, when the child was 11 months old, did they declassify his appearance.

Pozharskaya posted on the social network the first selfie of the boy, which he himself took on his parent’s phone. In the frame, you can see that Oleg has blond hair and dark eyes, and the features of his father can be traced in his face. The couple’s son has already learned to stand and walk confidently and turned out to be a very inquisitive child, since he managed to take a photo on his mobile.

Oleg Yankovsky
Oleg Yankovsky

Recall that the relationship between Yankovsky and Pozharskaya began on the set of the film “Champion”, where they played a married couple. They say that Diana took Ivan away from Vera Panfilova, whom he then met, and soon became pregnant. The actors hid their romance for a long time, but in the spring it turned out that the couple lives together and is preparing to become parents. Apparently, at the same time, the lovers got married, because after the baby was born, Pozharskaya appeared in the photo with a wedding ring on her ring finger.

According to rumors, Yankovsky’s mother, who has a great influence on her son, played an important role in such a swift marriage. Allegedly, Oksana Fandera categorically did not like Panfilova, but Diana liked her, so she contributed to the speedy marriage of her son.

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