Sep 12, 2020
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Diana Pozharskaya denied rumors of an affair with Ivan Yankovsky

13:26, 09/12/2020

Earlier there was information that the actor left his girlfriend Vera Panfilova for the star of the Hotel Eleon.

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Actors Ivan Yankovsky and Vera Panfilova have been dating for the past seven years. This is not to say that the couple's relationship was perfect. After meeting in GITIS, Ivan and Vera's romance developed rapidly, but already in 2016 they broke up. It was rumored that the couple broke up due to the actor's too busy work schedule. By the way, then Ivan was now and then attributed to relationships with a variety of girls. At various times, Yankovsky was suspected of having an affair with a blogger Tasia Rumyantseva and the daughter of restaurateur Arkady Novikov Alexandra.

It is worth noting that a year after the breakup, Yankovsky and Panfilova got back together. Moreover, Ivan's mother hinted that soon the couple would go down the aisle. However, last Friday, a number of media outlets disseminated information that Ivan and Vera broke up again. Sources said the actors made the decision to end the relationship back in July.

Vera Panfilova and Ivan Yankovsky

It is noteworthy that Ivan has already been suspected of having an affair with the 28-year-old star of the Hotel Eleon, Diana Pozharskaya. However, the actress herself in an interview with reporters has already denied this information. “I refute rumors of an affair with my co-star. I am happily married to Artem! Thank you for your understanding, ”Diana said categorically. The actress added that she is happily married to her husband. "I was very lucky. My husband, director Artem Aksenenko, is my muse. And I am his muse. We understand each other perfectly, or even without words, we think and feel the same, ”the SPLETNIK.RU edition quotes the star of the Eleon Hotel series.

It is noteworthy that Diana Pozharskaya is now and then suspected of having a relationship with actors, although she herself has indeed been married to Artem Aksenenko for four years now. The couple officially registered their relationship in 2016, and since then Diana has been trying not to talk about her personal life. Meanwhile, in the media every now and then there were news that Pozharskaya at various times flirted with her colleagues in the shop with Milos Bikovich and Alexander Kuznetsov. According to sources, the actress has a dubious reputation in the film industry.

Diana Pozharskaya

Recall that in an exclusive video interview, "Around TV" said that she has many fans. Moreover, one day the actress was faced with the persecution of a foreign fan, who literally did not give her a pass. The incident took place in Estonia, where Diana was often filmed.

“I was filming in Estonia then. And, for some reason, they often recognized me there. Even more often than in Russia, I guess. And there was one fan who, roughly speaking, stalked me. I will not voice the nuances. In any case, it was all nice and kind, it just sometimes went beyond some boundaries, ”Diana Pozharskaya shared.

Exclusive video interview "Around TV" with Diana Pozharskaya

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