Oct 16, 2020
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Diana Gurtskaya ridiculed rumors about her romance with Igor Nikolaev

13:04, 10/16/2020

The 43-year-old singer admitted that at the time of meeting the composer she was only passionate about her career.

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Singer Diana Gurtskaya became a guest of the show "The Fate of a Man". The 43-year-old artist remembered how she first got on the stage at the age of ten. She told Boris Korchevnikov that she sang with the Georgian performer Irma Sakhadze, who drew attention to the talent of the young artist. And when Diana turned 18, a demo recording of the singer's performance at the Yalta-Moscow-Transit festival was sent by her older brother Robert, who later became her sister's manager. At the competition Igor Nikolaev drew attention to Gurtskaya. The 60-year-old composer composed the song "You Are Here" for the aspiring star, which became a real hit.

Gurtskaya believes that her career took place precisely thanks to Igor Nikolaev, who saw charisma and ability in her. His perseverance helped Dina, as the maestro called her, to break through the thorns to the stars, because at first the blind girl was treated with disdain. “Igor Yuryevich's faith, his understanding and support did everything to make my dreams come true,” Diana said. After the clips of the blind Georgian singer appeared on television screens, and her songs began to sound on the radio, they began to suspect that she had an affair with Nikolayev. In addition, there were rumors that Gurtskaya invented her blindness, deftly using this fact to create a unique role.

Igor Nikolaev

However, Gurtskaya managed to remain immune to rumors. Although, the artist admits, her brother reacted very painfully to such speculations. “I was so carried away by creativity and the stage that I did not pay attention to what they were saying,” Diana Gurtskaya smiled at the gossip. The artist emphasized that music from childhood was her magic world, where she plunged so as not to feel her own inferiority. Through music, she saw what was happening around, but most of all, her heart possessed such an all-seeing ability.

Very soon Diana met her future chosen one. They were at a common holiday at which Gurtskaya sang a Georgian folk song. Petr Kucherenko drew attention to the girl's voice and began to look after her. By the way, the singer for a long time pretended not to notice the feelings of the gentleman. She was afraid that he was mistaken, because seeing a blind artist on stage is one thing, but living with a blind wife is quite another. But doubts were dispelled by the future mother-in-law of the performer. She told her son that his chosen one deserves happiness more than anything else, but by taking her as a wife, Peter also takes responsibility. “Look, don't deceive her,” advised her husband's mother.

Diana Gurtskaya with her family

On September 21, 2005, Diana and Peter became husband and wife. And two years later, the couple had a son, Constantine. On the day of the 15th wedding anniversary, the singer published archived wedding photos on her Instagram microblog and thanked fate for bringing her and her chosen one together. “15 years - a crystal wedding! Together, side by side, hand in hand. My dear, beloved @petr_kucherenko Thank you fate for bringing us together! For our family, love and wonderful son! There have been a lot of things over the years. Remembering the past moments, a smile appears on the face, the heart, the heart is warmed by the warmth of love, and the soul glows with happiness. I hug you tight and love you very much! We are together - and this is the main thing! I wish us to keep that warmth and those feelings that united us for many years, ”Gurtskaya wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the author are given unchanged. Note... ed.).

Diana Gurtskaya's wedding photos

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