Sep 17, 2020
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Diana Arbenina said that the participants of the “You are super!” taught her not to complain about life difficulties

15:59, 09/16/2020

The singer became a jury member for the fourth season of the show.

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On August 20, the fourth season of the international musical and social project "You are super!" Will start on the NTV channel. Until recently, the producers of the show hid who would sit on the jury. On the eve it became known that the mentors, as in the third season, will be Alexey Vorobyov, Yolka, Diana Arbenina and Igor Krutoy. Today, each of them, as part of the presentation of the new season, answered various questions from fans of the vocal show.

I must say that many were interested in how exactly the judges decide the fate of the participants, as well as what the “You are super!” Project means to them. Diana Arbenina delivered a touching speech. The singer said that looking at these strong and talented children of different ages, she understands that she needs not to feel sorry for herself and "plow" further, not paying attention to difficulties and weakness.

Diana Arbenina became a member of the jury in the fourth season of the project "You are super!"

Arbenina also said that she really wants to teach the children what she can do herself. She noted that in Russian show business there are such artists who are sorry to give up their place and who will stand to the end. But Diana believes that such a position does not lead to anything good, but only hinders the development of culture and music. “When I saw so many cool guys, I realized that I have a lot of things that I can teach and convey to them. And most importantly, they are without show-off, which I hate neither in the profession nor in life. If there is no young punks who wipe us off the face of the earth, there will be no forward movement! I want cool new names to come, ”said Arbenina.

The artist added that when she has to evaluate the participants, she forgets about pity, because it can be offensive for the guys. According to Arbenina, it is better to say everything as it is. According to the singer, the truth only helps to move forward and grow professionally.

Participants of the fourth season of the project "You are super!"

It is worth noting that in the new season of the competition for talented children who were left without parental care, not only new guys, but also young artists from the last season will take part. In addition, this year, children not only from Russia will conquer the star jury and win the love of the audience. Vocalists from Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Abkhazia and Azerbaijan will appear in the project.

Recall that in the previous season of the project, the young participants made such a strong impression on Diana Arbenina that she began to look more critically at her own offspring. She said that the children participating in the project know how to sing, behave, understand what life is. According to Diana, they are much cooler than those guys who are brought up in ordinary families. Arbenina admitted that after each broadcast she wanted to come home and slap her children on the head, because it seemed to her that they were doing badly.

Children of Diana Arbenina

Note that Arbenina is raising twins Artem and march... The singer's children were born on February 4, 2010 in one of the US clinics, when Diana was already 35 years old. The artist does not spread about the father of Artyom and Martha and never mentions his name. This behavior has led to rumors that the star has resorted to artificial insemination. Diana was married only once. In 1993 she was married to the leader of the group "Winter animals" Konstantin Arbenin... However, this union turned out to be fictitious and quickly disintegrated.

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