Jan 7, 2022
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Diagnosed with cervical erosion? Don’t panic

Diagnosed with cervical erosion?  Don't panic

If you have been diagnosed with such a diagnosis, it is advisable to undergo an examination, and not to rush with such a procedure as laser cauterization and radio wave surgery.

Erosion of the cervix is ​​a diagnosis that in gynecology is given to girls and women quite often. It should be understood that this is a collective term that indicates certain disorders on the mucous tissues of the cervix. And sometimes we are talking about a banal redness, affecting a small area. It usually does not cause complaints and, in fact, may even be considered normal.

Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with such a diagnosis, it is advisable to undergo an additional examination, and certainly not to rush with such a procedure as laser cauterization or radio wave surgery. Of course, self-medication is also not worth it, but in many cases, prevention is enough, the use of suppositories based on natural drugs such as Prostatidin Plus and Prostatidin Forte.

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And besides, you must not forget about the basic rules regarding sex life. It is important to avoid unprotected sex and promiscuity when choosing partners.

Why is there definitely no need to rush with moxibustion?

Reddening of the outer surfaces of the cervix is ​​more and more often referred to by modern gynecology not as erosion, but as ectopia. In women under 24 years of age, such a phenomenon is considered the norm, that is, moxibustion and other radical methods of treatment are not required for them. When diagnosing ectopia in older patients, there is no need to panic either.

First you need to conduct additional examinations, namely:

  • cytological examination (the so-called PAP smear);
  • instrumental examination of the cervix (colposcopy);
  • it is also recommended to do a test for HPV (human papillomavirus).

And only if serious diseases are confirmed, which probably caused the erosion of the cervix, then the issue of cauterization should be considered. But in this case, it will only be a fight against the effect, it is also necessary to treat the causes (viruses, infections, etc.).

In all other cases, it is advisable to start with competent conservative therapy (without the dominance of antibiotics, numerous douching and other over-active methods of struggle). It is clear that this process should be under the supervision of a gynecologist. But it is important that this is not the doctor who tells you something like “if you want, let’s try, but it would be better to cauterize immediately.”

What medications are used for cervical erosion?

Medication should help, not harm. With an inadequate choice of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial agents, complications may develop. The situation is similar with hormonal drugs, which are often prescribed for cervical erosion.

In this sense, controlled intake of suppositories and other remedies based on natural ingredients (as mentioned above Prostatidin Plus) is a normal practice that contributes to the restoration of the cervical epithelium and the formation of local immunity.

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